Father’s Day Gift Ideas from Baby

Father’s Day Gift Ideas from Baby

A dad is the first friend of a baby and he is the one that shows the little one how to enjoy the pleasures of life. A dad is a daughter’s first love and son’s first hero so he also has a charming relation with the little baby after Mommy. In fact a baby learns a lot of exciting things from dads like taking first steps, making funny sounds, learning new words or first sport to play. So wouldn’t it be a great surprise for the Daddy if you plan a surprise gift from his little baby?

The best ideas can be found anywhere as online stores are filled with exciting gift ideas that would suit the occasion of father’s day. In fact, you can customize and send gifts online to Pakistan on Father’s day which makes exclusive souvenirs for your Dad.

So what can you plan for the Daddy from his little one?

Customized Gifts

Customized gifts are very popular and the most sensuous gift for a Dad from his baby. You can plan creative ideas for customization a particular thing. There are many customized products that you find online easily.

Customized cushions– You can buy a customized cushion with Happy Father’s day wish and your little Baby’s name on it.

Customized Mug– You can give the coffee loving dad a customized mug which has some cute message from the little baby like LUV U Dad or Best Dad.

Print Frame

Get your baby’s hand print or foot print with some bright color like Red or Blue and get it framed for the Dad with a message written by the print.

Make a Card

You can make a card by helping the baby with some paints. Grab a chart paper of some color or plain white. Get your baby the painting brush if you want to give it a free hand. Otherwise you can hold the baby hand and paint a heart or simply DAD. The rest of the message can be written by yourself. He can stick it in his office cabin or on his cupboard.


Buy him a cool t-shirt with message imprinted on it like “Cool Dad”, “Best Dad”, or “Proud Dad”. T-shirt can be a very fascinating idea because Dad can wear this t-shirt whenever he likes or wherever he wants. Sending him this customized t-shirt is very thoughtful and it would really be a great gift.


If you want to celebrate in style then you can plan a photoshoot for Dad and Baby. Although you can be creative with the pictures like using props or play cards like “Cool Dad to Cool Son/Daughter”, “We are a Team” etc. You can come up with nice funny quotes to use. This would be a great memory gift for later years.

Baby Picture Gift

You can make a baby picture where he or she is holding letters of Dad and you can make a collage picture and then print and frame it for him. It would be an enchanting and lovable surprise gift for the daddy.