Find The Best Desserts San Francisco Has To Offer

All of us have heard the famous saying that dessert goes straight to the heart and not to the stomach and this is very true for all the dessert lovers out there. They always have a room for some chocolate brownie or apple pie even if they have stuffed themselves.

Do you know that desserts actually come with some of the fittest nutrients which are essential if you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle? One must never forget that carbohydrates are actually beneficial for your health and provide your body the required energy. Also, there are essential vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber in the desserts which must be incorporated in your diet.

Tout Sweet offers some of the best desserts for you which are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. Here is the list of some of the best desserts San Francisco has to offer:


You’ll find these marshmallows to be fluffy, light clouds of sweetness which come with a very delicate texture. You’ll be surprised with the flavor when you’ll actually taste them because Tout Sweet makes them tangy which ignite the thrill of your inner child.

Nibbles and Kisses

Once you pop the lid open, it might become impossible to close it again because that is how much alluring the flavor of these nibbles and kisses is. They have been given this name because while eating these bite-sized delights, there will be an amazing combination of various flavors and textures which include chocolate, meringue, and nuts right inside your mouth.

Pate de Fruit

These morsels of soft chewy candy will take you to another level of taste because at Tout Sweet, we put in a lot of extra effort in bringing out a unique yet best flavor in them. There are different fruity flavors available which contain an amazing punch of that particular fruit.

Cookies and Brittles

If you miss your grandmother’s flavor then you need to try the cookies which are offered at Tout Sweet because they are surely going to remind you of it. Our confectioners blend the traditional taste with a unique style of their own which turns out to be a crazy yet appealing combination.


It is not so easy to come up with a perfect macaron because they are handcrafted over a period of three days. A lot of love and dedication goes into them because they need to be incredible right from the first crumble of the inner shell to the cakey, moist interior. We aim for the best and provide our customers with it.

Jams and Sauces

We only buy the freshest fruits from the local farmers and come up with the jams which carry the best taste and provide you with all the nutrients which are present inside that particular fruit.

Our desserts can easily be presented as gift items as we provide some customized gift box options. So if you have been craving to eat the best desserts San Francisco has to offer or want a perfect gift for a loved one then we’ll be obliged to provide you with our services.