Flooring Trends For 2017

Modern flooring transforms every room in your home, providing an instant face lift and lashings of personal style. Gone are the days of flipping through tired swatches and gazing at patterns better suited to golfing attire; today, flooring continually delights and surprises. We have gathered together the top five trends for 2017 to help you on your way.

1. Texture

There is a reason floorboards are regarded as a style favourite – floorboards embody the epitome of authentic charm and the cosy charisma of home. Adding texture to your boards through a brushed finish, or leaving them natural, is a popular choice this year – and why not? Engineered wood flooring with texture gives this traditional choice a rustic, matt finish and is a wonderful, warm option for any happy home.

2. Cork

Cork is back – and it has style. This flooring option is full of interesting surprises; for example, did you know that cork repels bacteria and does not attract dust? Cork is also helpful in absorbing and silencing noise. Cork offers an amazing variety of benefits in addition to being a solid style choice.

3. Dark is the new black

The era of light-hued floorboards has been eclipsed by smokier-toned boards. Darker floorboards buck the theory that brown- and grey-toned floors are drab and make the space look smaller. These chocolate and smoky colours add a confident earthy elegance to any room, particularly crisp contemporary minimalism or colourful eclecticism.

Flooring Trends For 2017

4. Chipboard

Now for something completely natural – chipboard is adored by chic homeowners looking to add a strong natural statement to the room. On the practical side, it is a dream to clean and keep clutter-free. To discover more about what chipboard can do to transform the style aesthetic of your home, talk to a specialist such as http://www.woodfloorwarehouse.co.uk/engineered-wood-flooring.html.

5. Ceramic and porcelain revolution

A recent survey revealed that a whopping 30 per cent of us updating our kitchen flooring are choosing ceramic or porcelain options. This is not really surprising – with so many beautiful design choices available for you, you can claim your crown as renovation superstar.

There has never been a more innovative or ingenious time to update the flooring in your home. As you can see from these trends, the market is drenched with style and clever design – happy renovating!