French Polynesia: Ways To Indulge In The Exotic Beauty

There is no need to beat around the bush: French Polynesia is a real paradise on the earth, if there ever was one. This gleaming pearl of the South Pacific Ocean deserves a place on every dream travel map. Its irresistible charm becomes evident at the first glance, as the emerald peaks start to rise from the horizon.

French Polynesia: Ways To Indulge In The Exotic Beauty
Approaching the exotic islands, visitors are treated with the spectacle of turquoise, crystal clear water and sun-kissed beaches. In the wake of such a site, it is hard not to be filled with utter wonder and amazement.

Lose Yourself

Pacific Ocean offers varied shades of blue that invite tourists to take a dip. They can float for hours in the infinity pool or engage in popular water sports like kayaking, snorkeling, jet-skiing and paddle boarding. Many people decide to dive and swim with sharks and stingrays, who are actually docile marine creatures. At picturesque marinas sailors will feel like at home, while others can choose boat rides across the stunning archipelago.

Around twilight, when the night embraces the day, the skies become rosy, creating a spellbinding and romantic atmosphere. There is no better place to witness the beauty than from the deck of an overwater bungalow. These floating villas are particularly popular with honeymooners and lovebirds, and it is not uncommon to see celebrities hanging out in one of them.

French Polynesia: Ways To Indulge In The Exotic Beauty

Friendly locals adore music and dance, and their handcrafts are among the best in the world. The rich traditions are passed on to new generations, and shared with tourists with passion and vigor. Museums also offer a nice insight into a cultural heritage which radiates back a thousand years.

The best way to soak in the local atmosphere, however, is to take part in beachside dance shows and cultural workshops, try on colorful dresses, and taste the delicious local cuisine.

Paths of Glory

Tahiti is the crown jewel of French Polynesia, where Mother Nature decided to outdo itself and leave an everlasting trace of its glory. Mountain peaks and lush forests serve as a perfect backdrop for majestic lagoons and pristine white beaches.

Do not miss the Fautaua Waterfalls, cascading nearly 1000 feet, and remnants of the extinct volcano. Walks in tree-draped valleys and visits to small, idyllic villages are a special kind of experience that let visitors immerse themselves in the local way of the living.

It is always possible to find some small piece of heaven to call it your own, and enjoy the peace and quiet. Taking a nap with swaying palm trees towering around you is something everyone should get the feel of at least once in a lifetime. Tourists craving for some luxury can rejoice since Tahiti hotels and resorts can satisfy all tastes and indulge all your senses. Lavish accommodation helps people rejuvenate and prepare for some more natural wonders and exotic adventures.

Feast for the Eyes

Leading a busy life makes us all crave for the perfect island getaway. Well, look no further, and ditch all those travel guides. French Polynesia is a place of romance and relaxation, but also adventure and excitement.

French Polynesia: Ways To Indulge In The Exotic Beauty

The enchanting nature welcomes you along with warm people, inviting you in a mysterious and unique environment. It features the azure seascape, the colorful culture, prime accommodation, and a bunch of water activities. Even the people who spend their whole life there never seize to notice the otherworldly beauty which enables you to have a visual feast worthy of gods.

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