Galaxy S8 Review

The new Samsung Galaxy S8 has launched with a lot of hopes and expectations from the tech geeks. The good thing is that it has actually come up to the expectations of the masses and almost everyone has been giving it thumbs up by looking at the leaked information.

So, let’s see if Samsung S8 is going to be really as excellent as everyone is claiming.

What is S8’s Release Date and Price?

Samsung Galaxy S8 is going to launch on April 21st in the US and April 28th in the UK. Although the 7 days release gap sounds highly unreasonable, the good thing is that the UK residents can pre-order their S8s starting from right now. Many websites are also offering some awesome deals and packages and we think that you should not miss them at all.

Samsung Galaxy S8’s price is going to be quite higher than its previous counterparts. The reason is simple – Samsung has promised new and better features as compared to the previously released models. In the US, the price is going to be $724. In UK, it will be available for £689. While in Australia, you can buy it for $1,199.

So, start saving your money. The release of the Samsung Galaxy S8 is just around the corner.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Design

The design of the new S8 is definitely going to appeal to the masses. And this design is the very reason why many phone owners will be ditching their old phones for the new S8.

But, technically speaking, there aren’t many upgrades available in the software. So, its new immaculate screen is its highlight.  However, it has also got the lowest bezel-to-screen ratio available on any model of Samsung galaxy. So, the first time you will see it, it will be the screen which will actually wow you immediately.

Samsung is calling its new screen as the Infinity Display in which the makers have put an edge to edge comfort. But, it is important to note that the screen is not totally bezel-less. It still looks as of the screen is ending up at the phone’s back.

What we have concluded is that its design is basically a much more sophisticated version of the previous Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Its edges are round from all the four corners, giving it a sleek and soft appearance.  Samsung has actually convinced its users that having a curved screen is a lot better than having a screen with pointed edges.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Size

Samsung Galaxy S8 is definitely not a small phone at all. Although the screen is of 5.8 inches in size, yet its total dimensions of 148.90 x 68 x 8mm is still large enough for many smart phones.

You can find the fingerprint scanner not at the front but at the back of the S8. It is rather a disadvantage because it is difficult to hold the phone in an easier and a much natural position. The most uncomfortable thing is that the scanner is not present at the middle of the back but near the camera. We have yet got no explanation as to why the Samsung manufacturers decided to place the scanner at such an awkward position.

But still, irrespective of some drawbacks, Samsung Galaxy S8 can easily survive being exposed to dust and water. Another good thing is that the phone can get charged without having to attach a cable with it.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Colors

It comes in three beautiful colors: Orchid Gray, Midnight and Arctic Silver. These colors are available for the US and UK users. Users belonging to the other regions have got Samsung S8 available in Maple Gold and Coral Blue.

Samsung Galaxy S8 – The Phone with the Smartest Screen

This phone has taken the title of the phone with the smartest screen even before its launch. The 5.8 inches screen has an AMOLED display. The QHD resolution is bright and colorful. The bigger screen also makes the display even better and interesting. Samsung Galaxy S8 is offering an 18.5:9 ratio on its screen.

One thing which you will notice is the reduction of the QHD resolution. This is done by the manufacturers on purpose. This is done so that you can select whether you want to view any HD video in full screen mode or not.

Just like LG G6, Samsung S8 has given a huge advantage of having a big screen to tis users as you can easily stack all your apps in the same place. However, unlike LG G6, S8 has still not given the option of opening two different apps simultaneously on the main screen. If they would have done it, it would have been a great utilization of such a big screen.

Samsung is also claiming to be first smartphone to be a true HDR. However, this fact is quite exaggerated as Sony and LG have already come out with phones having HDR content.

The Introduction of Bixby

The most pleasant surprise for us is the launch of Bixby, an intelligent assistant, on S8. This was a much needed feature which was absent on the Samsung smart phones. Samsung S8 is the pioneer of the AI services on Android having a separate Bixby key available on the side which makes it even easier to operate.

Initially, Bixby is going to be available to the US and South Korea users. Eventually, they will make it available to the UK market as well before shifting to the other places.

While Bixby sounds really exciting, let’s have a look at how Bixby actually works. Bixby’s job is to follow you through image recognition, your voice, touch, the camera, and basically understanding what you actually want it to do. Initially, Bixby didn’t impress us much, but we have heard that Samsung is worling on further improving this feature.


Samsung S8 comes with a 3000mAh battery. You can charge it by simply placing it on the charger board instead of having to connect it to a plug in charger.

Now we have to see whether this upcoming smartphone out-performs its predecessor i.e. Samsung Galaxy S7 or not. It definitely has improved features and specifications.