Gifting Ideas For Your Grandmother’s Birthday

Gifting Ideas For Your Grandmother’s Birthday

Birthdays are those special days when you look forward to birthday wishes from near and dear ones as well as the far-off relatives and friends. Birthdays are even more special when you are older and have your kids and grand kids to celebrate these special days with. If it’s your grandmother’s birthday and you are not sure about what to gift her, don’t worry. There are tons of simple yet thoughtful gifts that you can give her to make her birthday even more special.

Here are a few thoughtful gifting ideas for your grandmother’s birthday –

Flowers and cake

This is one the most simplest gifting options for your grandmother’s birthday. You can send her a bouquet of her favorite flowers with a personalized note handwritten by you. You can also attach with this a delicious cake of her choice or even chocolates or cupcakes depending on what your grandmother enjoys. With the increase in e-commerce these days in India, you can easily order for flowers delivery in Udaipur, Chandigarh or any part of India for nominal delivery charges.

Books and novels

If your grandmother is fond of reading, you can gift her some best sellers from the genre that she enjoys the most. Wrap them all up in a goodie basket with chocolates and flowers and surprise her with it! You can also surprise her with a personalized note at the back of each book for that extra emotional touch to your gift! Don’t let her know about the personal note at the end of the book; let her find it out herself once she reaches the last page of the book. This will be a sweet surprise within a surprise for her!

Goodie basket

You can also make her a goodie basket of all her favorite things such as her favorite lotions, her favorite chocolates, makeup, hair oils and any other such stuff that she uses. You can also order for a gift basket similar to this online at any gifting website that does flowers delivery in Udaipur or any part of India for that matter. Goodie baskets are a fun surprise gift because no one really knows what is inside it so they keep digging in for more surprises. Your grandma will definitely love this! Don’t forget to attach a tiny greeting card with a personal message from your side.

DIY Photo album

This is one of the most thoughtful presents that you can give your grandmother. Create a DIY photo album with all your family photos through the years with tiny personal messages on the pages. This gift will be a recap of all the beautiful moments she has had with you and the entire family. This is much better than video collages as it has the entire old school book feel to it. This is a little time consuming so make sure to get your entire family to sit in and help you out with this. It could also turn out to be a fun family activity!