Give The Flowers A Miss This Valentine’s Day – Gift Ideas For All

Choosing gift is difficult. Choosing Valentine’s Day gift is more difficult. Options are many, yet people stick to good old red roses. Of course, guys rose in its crimson splendor creates the mood for love. However, giving flowers and candies is the cliché which has been used too many already. And too many means way too many times. Why stick to the old idea? Why buy flowers and candies only? Why not do something unique to make the special day more special?

So, the question is – what to buy. Given below are some pointers to make this Valentine’s Day memorable.

Coffee Mugs


Coffee mugs have held a special place in people’s heart. Countless times lovers have purchased coffee mug as a gift. You can do this too. Only make sure to make the special mug stand out. Personalize it with your names and a sweet message which will keep the Valentine’s Day essence alive.

Pillow Cases


Yep, pillowcases can be a good gift option which you can choose while looking for valentines gifts to India. In this case too, personalize it with heart sign and your names. You can print love messages to wash the pillowcase with affection.

 Love Bands

Give The Flowers A Miss This Valentine’s Day – Gift Ideas For All

Since the time of Shakespeare lovers have given each other bands to solidify their love for each other. Why not buy a silver band this Valentine’s Day. I Love Thee message will be a nice touch to the love band.


Give The Flowers A Miss This Valentine’s Day – Gift Ideas For All

This is the current trend among the lovers. T-shirts imprinted with love messages can be a great gift. You can choose some famous love quotes as well to print on the t-shirt.

Love Pendants

Give The Flowers A Miss This Valentine’s Day – Gift Ideas For All

To make the gift vibrate with love energy, you can opt for love crystals. In the world of gift crystal might not hold such a high position. But, you can choose a love crystal pendant or ring to make the bond stronger. For this Valentine’s Day, buy a rose quartz pendant. This is a pink crystal which symbolizes true love. Because pink is a very feminine color, you might find it difficult to give rose quartz to a man. In case you are looking for a gift for him, you can easily go for a green jade or lapis lazuli which comes in a vibrating shade of blue.

Phone Cases


This can be a great gift option too. There are many mobile phone cases available which you can choose from. Customize the cases with your love quotes or images of your loved one. You can imprint it with heart sign as well. It will make a great gift for Valentine’s Day. This can be given to both male and females.

Love Photo Cube

Give The Flowers A Miss This Valentine’s Day – Gift Ideas For All

Those who like to display the sign of their love can go for this. Love photo cube will make a classy Valentine’s Day gift. This you can get from anywhere. Choose some of the best photos from your album. Nothing can beat this gift.



Even though the era is of digitalization, love still speaks the same language. Does not matter what kind of gift you buy your loved one, make sure to add a card to uplift the sense of love.