Guide On How To Select The Best Smart TV

Guide On How To Select The Best Smart TV

The right kind of smart television can greatly improve your entire home entertainment. It fills your living room with an on-demand content from streaming companies. But selecting the ideal television set for your specific viewing habits implies deciding on the display technology, screen resolution, and the platform that serves as the brain of the device. Smart television specification can seem to be confusing. Here we have explained certain major factors that you would need to think before putting your money on it.


This is the major considerations when choosing a new television set. The size of the television depends on your budget. When choosing the television size, you need to look at the physical space where you are planning to install it. To arrive at the right dimension, you need to take out a measuring tape and then take the measurement of the place where you need to keep the television.


Just like when you purchase a smartphone or a laptop, resolution is also very important factor to consider. Television resolution refers to the number of pixels that makes up your entire television screen. Number of pixels is directly related to the sharpness of the display. Television sets that have released in the year 2018, comes with a resolution of 3840 * 2160. In general terms, it is referred as 4K resolution.

If you are planning to get a smaller size of TV, below 40 inches, then it is not worth investing in a model that gives 4K resolution. The reason for this is that it would not be noticeable. Going for 4K resolution is best for TV sets that are more than 40 inches in size.

Display Technology

Present day’s Xiaomi television displays depend on 2 competing technologies. These are the costly OLED and the universal LED LCD. It can be tough to find out which one would be the best option to consider. This is because manufacturers will add their own proprietary technologies and twists on top of the platform. In addition to this, both these technologies continue to build, enhance their strengths and lower their relative weaknesses.

Both these kinds of screens use LED or light emitting diode for illumination but in varying methods. With LED LCD, LED pixels or white colored light-emitting diode are used as a backlight to create an image via an LCD filter or liquid crystal display. The LEDs mostly cover the entire screen, but cheaper television sets confine them to only the display edges. LED LCD displays are sharper than its counterparts. They also offer more natural appearing light control in different scenes.

Software Platform

The next thing that you need to consider is the platform. It will provide power to your smart television. Manufacturers such as Samsung, Panasonic and LG, employ their in-house smart television software. Sony mostly favors Google manufactured Android television.


To find the best smart television, you need to weigh all your available options and then make the right decision. Considering all these aspects and perform a comparison in the market will definitely get you the most the most personalized television experience from your LCD TV.