Handling End Of Tenancy Cleaning Jobs Easily

Normally when you are about to move out from your old house, you care more about your deposit being returned than about end of tenancy cleaning. But it is so obvious that these two things are directly related to each other. When the last bag is packed, you are still far away from getting your deposit back. Some people are ready for certain deductions after they have lived in the property for a long period of time. Other people get frustrated when they are being charged for inventory check where the landlord or letting agency discover invisible dust underneath the bed in the master bedroom. You do not have to rely on luck during the final inventory check. Be more realistic and responsible and simply tick out the cleaning jobs you could have done before moving out.

The first area that always begs for cleaning even if you are still living in the property is windows. It is essential to clean windows from the inside during the end of tenancy cleaning. Make sure birds have not damaged them on the outside; otherwise get ready for the second round. While cleaning the windows check if any of them are broken.

The next step you make leads you to the kitchen. There you can start from washing the empty cupboards, mopping the floor, cleaning the appliances. If you do not wish to take a fridge with you, then unplug it and leave the door open.

No matter how often you have been using it, the oven should be cleaned thoroughly. And do not forget about the hob either.

It might be the right time to take a shower after all these cleaning activities, but the bathroom needs tidying as well. You will not get away with just an ordinary wipe if you want your bathroom to produce the glow of tidiness. Be prepared to scrub everything: cupboards, tiles, floor, bath, sink, mirrors.

Now it is time to take care of the curtains and rugs. You are lucky if they are washable. But during the end of tenancy clean you might realize that after so many years your carpets do not seem to look like they used to. Can you afford to hire a cleaning service or would it be reasonable to replace the floor covering? Think carefully but quickly, because there are still cleaning jobs on the list that have to be ticked out.

You can see through the windows, but you cannot see through the walls. Unfortunately, they all have to be clean by the moving out eve. Treating your walls with cleaning products and harsh fabrics could cause cosmetic damage. So be extra careful, especially if the walls are light coloured.

After that, you do not have to take a look around, because you need to move on to the garden. The shed should be empty and tidy. Make sure you wash the bins at the end of your tenancy. There should be no dead leaves or any other litter left in the garden. And check if anything is broken. Water all the flowers in the garden on your last night in the house.

No matter who has done the end of tenancy clean – you or a professional cleaner – now you are ready to move out from the house. No damage caused to the property should be left visible. Hopefully only minimal repairs will be required after you have polished and cleaned everything. Now you can welcome your landlord to say goodbye to you and wish you all the best in your new home!