Helping Senior Citizens Stay Safe in the Tub

As you age, falls and slips become more common. It is typically important to take necessary precautions to prevent such injuries. One way you can help prevent yourself from getting hurt is to have a handicap accessible tub installed. These tubs are made with individuals who have lost some of their mobility in mind. Handicap accessible tubs provide safety without sacrificing the relaxing sensation of a high-quality tub.

Understanding the Importance of Being Cautious in the Tub

Some of the nastiest falls can happen in the bathroom. Surrounded by cold, unforgiving tile, you may be at risk every time you take a bathunless you take measures to prevent such accidents. Out of all the ways senior citizens fracture their bones, 87% of fractures occur from falling. On top of that, there can be approximately one person killed and 370 people injured from falls in a tub or shower every day in the United States. Looking at these statistics, you may be able to understand the importance of taking precautions while in your tub.

Making Your Bathroom More Fall Resistant

A handicap accessible tub is often similar to your average bathtub with a few upgrades to provide added protection against falls. Some of these protections may include aspecial anti-slip flooring to help you maintain your balance and grab bars to support or pull yourself up on. The anti-slip flooring can often be installed around your house and on your bathroom floor for added protection. In addition, some tubs may have a built-in seat that is typically made for comfort, support and added relaxation. These additions can help accommodate any of your special needs.These tubs also can help restore a sense of independence, because the handicap features help to minimize the need for outside help in some situations.

Keeping the Luxuries of a Regular Bathtub

While you may need special accommodations to stay safe in the bathroom, that does not mean you mustsacrifice the luxuries of a beautiful and relaxing tub. There are often many tubs that have spa worthy features and still provide the protection needed for senior citizens. Some may have hydro-jets as well as heated seats included in the tub. Simply because you may not have the same dexterity as you once did doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy yourself and the rejuvenating experience of a tub with advanced features.

Ultimately, having a handicap accessible tub may provide you with peace of mind as you bathe because of the added protective, features they have. You can relax more knowing that you have decreased your chance of injury exponentially.