How a Visitor Management System Can Reduce Overheads

Most people will be familiar with being asked to complete a paper-based sign-in book when they visit a company and being presented with a hand-written visitor badge once they do. It’s a simple method, but also one that feels very out-dated given how technology is so much part of our everyday working lives.

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It’s hard to understand why companies continue to use paper-based signing-in systems, especially when there are so many benefits from automated visitor management systems, as this article shows.

Reduced Staff Costs

Using a visitor management system can save on staffing costs because the employees normally delegated with the task of signing people in – receptionists or other administrative staff – can be freed up to do other work. These tasks you might have otherwise recruited someone else to do.

Reduced Recurring Costs

Once you’ve purchased a system that manages visitors to your offices, you’ll remove the need to buy signing-in books and badges, the costs of which can add up, and have your reception continuously manned, as the employee the visitor is there to see can be notified when they arrive and then come down to greet them.

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While only having one visitor sign-in doesn’t take too much time, if you have multiple visitors getting them all signed in can take time, causing frustration amongst those waiting and the risk of meetings running late. An automated system, such as that offered by, removes these risks by saving you time.

Improved Safety and Security

Keeping both staff and visitors safe should be a key priority for any business, and using an automated system, one that allows you to pre-book people in and take photographs of visitors, for example, improves both their safety and security by reducing the risk of people entering your premise that shouldn’t.

Your Company’s Image

n the current economic climate, anything a company can do to get ahead of their competitors will be an advantage. And while setting up an automated system that manages visitors might seem like the small thing, it is one that could make a great first impression. It shows your company is efficient, technologically savvy and forward-thinking – all things visitors want to see in a business they might be working with.