How Can You Reduce Industrial Dust?

Industrial dust is a hazard in many workplaces; for example, it can affect the health of workers and may contribute to respiratory conditions. It can also make the working environment less comfortable, undermining productivity and efficiency.

Dust is something that can’t be avoided in many industrial processes. According to Safety Solutions, basic construction processes such as cutting, drilling, grinding and breaking are the main causes of dust.

Although you can’t do much to prevent industrial dust, there are ways you can reduce it.

Understand Compliance Laws

Make sure you are fully up to date with the laws regarding clean air in the workplace, and put measures in place to ensure you remain compliant.

How Can You Reduce Industrial Dust?

Dust Collection Systems

There is a wide range of dust collection systems you can use to reduce the amount of industrial dust floating in the air of your workplace. It is important to research your different options to find a solution that suits your environment best. These systems work by removing the harmful dust particles and returning clean air back to the atmosphere.

If the dust is dry and free from moisture, you may wish to consider using an inertial separator dust collector, which uses centrifugal force to cleanse the air.

For small workplaces, a fabric collector or baghouse system for collecting dust is ideal, whilst larger establishments or those with a generous budget may prefer a system that uses liquid to remove dust.

Where your processes operate at a high temperature, you may decide to choose an electrostatic precipitator that ionizes dust and continues to run during cleaning.

If your system includes portable processes or individual bins that create dust, unit dust collectors are useful for tackling dust. You may also wish to consider purchasing sack tip equipment from a supplier such as to assist with industrial dust management in the workplace.

Take a look at the various dust removal tools and vacuums that are available to weigh up your options.

Safety Equipment

Even with these dust-reducing measures in place, it is vital that staff wear the right protective equipment, including safety glasses and filtration masks. Don’t rely on dust collection systems alone.

Keep the Workplace Clean

You can reduce industrial dust in the workplace by spraying surfaces with water and regular cleaning, which prevents layers of dust accumulating. You should also keep areas well ventilated.