How Do Kids Benefit from Playing Football?

One of the best ways to stay in shape is by doing something we love. Football is one of the most popular sports for young people to play, partly due to the collective team atmosphere it creates. It’s not only good for your health, it is a great way to build social skills too. Here’s how playing football can help children.

Physical Health

One of the most obvious benefits is the way playing football can increase and maintain physical fitness. It provides a cardiovascular workout, improves their agility and allows them to use their muscles to learn and practice new skills. They also learn how to deal with the inevitable knocks and bruises that all children get and can focus more on the task in hand, even when they have been bumped.

Mental Health

For many, playing sports or immersing themselves in a hobby is a way to distract themselves from issues they may be facing. It can help build character and self-belief, which is highly important for anyone who is going through a rough patch. It can also give them a sense of belonging and help them develop a strong mind whilst allowing them to learn the importance of discipline. One small miskick could cost them the game, but if they focus and become more disciplined they will be less likely to make easily preventable mistakes.

How Do Kids Benefit from Playing Football?


Working well in a team is something that we all have to learn, and playing football is a great way to develop these skills. Each position has their own job to do, however with everyone working towards a common goal (literally), it brings the team together and stresses the importance of how individuals can be of such importance to a group dynamic. Football kit suppliers such as help to build on the importance of the team by offering full team kits to make everyone feel part of the group.

Work Ethic

Learning the importance of work is a valuable skill and one that football helps children prepare for. They will understand that to become great, they will need to practice time and time again. Kicking a ball around with friends still has some major benefits, but if your child is interested in joining a team they will begin to understand that those who work hard will see more benefits.