How To Deal With Negative SEO Reviews

One of the benefits of the internet is the ability to read reviews given by customers about a company’s products or services. As a business owner, getting rave reviews is good news for boosting custom, but when negative comments appear online, it can have the opposite effect.

How you deal with negative SEO reviews is important, and with the right approach, you can turn a bad situation around.

See the bigger picture

It might seem strange, but getting a few negative reviews isn’t the end of the world. In fact, as long as the majority of your reviews are glowing, the odd one or two less-than-perfect comments can actually give readers a more rounded picture of your business. According to Forbes nothing but five-star ratings can seem too good to be true.

Don’t ignore negative views

That’s not to say you should sweep unfavorable comments under the carpet. If you don’t listen to negative reviews and deal with them appropriately, you might make the situation much worse, and before long your tainted reputation could go viral.

To limit the damage caused, you might wish to consult professional SEO services in London, who can advise on your best approach.

How To Deal With Negative SEO Reviews

Be proactive

Whether you consult professional SEO services in London or not, always take note of negative comments, and be clear on the issues involved. Even if you aren’t at fault, it’s important to listen to a customer’s concerns and acknowledge them. The sooner you react, the better, so keep a check on what’s being said about you online on a regular basis. Communicate with the reviewer and let them know you’re sorry that they feel disappointed with you on this occasion. Take their concerns seriously, even if you’re not to blame, and never get into a slanging match, especially in public view – it won’t reflect well on your business. Again, if you’re in a difficult situation and not sure how best to respond, seek the guidance of professional SEO services in London, for the right course of action.

Attempt to reach an amicable conclusion to the situation too.

Learning experience

After you’ve received negative postings online, try to learn from the experience. Not just how you can improve your products or services, so users don’t feel disappointed, but also how you can respond better to unfavorable comments in the future.