How To Eliminate Echoes In Videoconferencing?

In the uses of video conferencing, occasionally there will be some echo phenomenon, although the echo phenomenon on the start of the video conference will not have much impact, but the echo will affect the participants audio and video experience, directly affect the mood and spirit of the participants attention. So, in the end how to effectively eliminate the videoconferencing in the existence of the echo problem? Here we look at the specific methods of operation:

First, the computer hardware regulation to eliminate noise;

First of all, you need to open the computer control panel, in the lower left corner of the computer click on the “Start menu”, the general computer is placed in the lower left corner, and then select “Control Panel” – “voice, voice and audio equipment” to help achieve the screen With the voice of the better regulation. And then modulation of voice equipment, video conferencing, there will be some voice problems, the echo is more common in the voice bar which has a recording device, and then select the soundmaxhd audio and then click OK.

The volume of the adjustment settings, video conferencing is the enterprise on the management of the meeting and even remote monitoring of effective means, in the voice settings, you need to display the desktop, the lower right corner of the volume control on the right click, open the volume control, Play inside off the microphone. Finally in the original settings, the original voice equipment has a certain adjustment, and then in the recording of the device inside, select the microphone, video conferencing in the echo problem can be a better solution.

Second, the software “radical” noise method;

The echo appears in the video conference, which is inevitable. But through the “professional audio and video processing technology”, video conferencing process can be done “radical” echo phenomenon.

ezTalks video conferencing system, with the national patented voice engine technology, layered coding transmission control technology, packet loss recovery (PLC) technology and other high-quality audio and video processing technology, can effectively eliminate the “echo” phenomenon, to ensure smooth process, Beautiful audio and video experience, enjoy the “zero distance” high-quality communication experience.

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