How To Find The Perfect Wedding Photographer

Give that the flower wilt and the cake is eaten, there is not much to remain of your wedding day apart from the memories. Expect for the photos. The wedding photos can be treasured for years – if they are good enough to want to keep. Ask many couples what they would have done differently about their wedding day and a lot will say they should have spent more or hired a better photographer. You don’t necessarily have to spend more but you do have to spend some time looking for the best photographer for you. Here are some tips for getting the best for your big day.

Spend Time Doing Your Research

Unless you are having a whirlwind engagement you should start looking for a photographer at least a year before your chosen date. High quality and popular wedding photographers get booked up far in advance for summer weddings in particular. Look through wedding blogs and wedding magazines, ask people for recommendations, and look at photographers’ websites.

Look Closely at the Shots

Consider that photographers will put their very best shots on their website so if you like the look of someone, ask to see a full wedding shoot to check out whether they have what it takes for your wedding. Look at how the shots you would love to be captured have been handled. See if people look relaxed and natural in front of the camera. According to, the best wedding photographers bring their personal style to the shots but this is never at the expense of helping people look relaxed and good.

Set Up a Meeting

It is not enough to choose a photographer based on their website alone. You need to spend a little time face-to-face so you get to know them in person, and can work out how you are going to work together on the day. Ask about the logistics and pricing of the event and work out if they are within your budget. It is usually better to be realistic about the timings and budget and pay for more time initially rather than risk running out of time and being charged at a much higher rate for overtime.

Check Reputation and References

Make sure that your photographer is recommended by others and speak to previous clients to find out how their day went. But bear in mind that even if someone loved their wedding photos you may not agree, since it largely depends on whether you like the photographer’s style and can work well with them personally. Ask for recommendations but make sure you make up your own mind.