How To Get College Credits For Life And Work Experience

How To Get College Credits For Life And Work Experience

Sweet, short and simple. These three words are best suited for the life experience degree programs because it is the sweetest, shortest and simplest way to get a college degree. This program is very famous among the students in this era because they are now having the feelings of pinning their selves in the long four years of stressful and toil degree. This degree program is offering a lot than what a regular degree can give to an ordinary student. This degree is not only increasing the numbers of grades in the country but also spreading education among those people who are not able to complete their studies due to different hardships of life. If you are new to this word or even heard this before and have some questions regarding this degree? Then I would like to dedicate this piece of my content to you the people because I also want to become the part of this noble cause of spreading education everywhere.


The most commonly asked questions about this degree starts with where, why, and how? To give you the answer of “where,” life experience degree programs are available at many accredited online colleges today. Now coming on to the next question which is “why?”,  With this, a person who thinks he had done enough in his life and doesn’t have any time or money to pursue his education can also get a degree in the shortest period with high affordability. The answer of the third question is in detailed and to give you the clear picture of this unique degree programs and to remove all the confusions and conspiracies regarding this degree programs which has been spreading everywhere since its introduction I have compiled some of the most common steps through which you can get your credit hours accredited.


The reason that this program is short because it is not limited to what you do in the college in your class timings and what you get after every end of the semester. The academic minds have designed this program in such manner that it can come in everyone grasps.

This program accredits your different life experiences into credit hours and gives you grades according to this which makes it short. The process of this accretion is simple too.

Here are the five ways through which you can get the credit hours for your life experience degree program.


As the name suggests, the challenger is a form of an exam which tests your knowledge about the education you had. This challenger exam is the first step of the applicant evaluation which designed to ask the most relevant questions of the applicant’s academic history. This challenger exams can range from foreign language to any technical field like automobile. You will find this exam at every online university with the very modest fee so that everyone can take this exam for the self-examine. This test usually based on the multiple choice questions. The more you score in this challenger exam, the more credit hours accreditation you will get.


Presenting your portfolio is another option to get the most out of credit hours accreditation. Some people find hard to express their talent in the written form and especially with multiple choice questions. This option is best for them because here they can show the jurors their whole life work and can get their accredited credit hours on the quality of their work. Most of the colleges who offer this option also ask the applicants to join a unique course in which they can learn how to make a portfolio for the accreditation process.

Training Programs:

The reason behind companies having their own training and development departments indicates that the colleges and universities are lacking somewhere in producing the quality human resources that’s why they have to give proper training in order to achieve most out of them. Which makes such training programs a quality source of learning. That is why colleges and institutes which offer life experience degrees also include these training programs in their credit hours accreditation policy. To get the credit hours, the applicant has to show authentic training course content, textbooks and course procedures so that the college assessors can assess those content to check whether this content matches the college level and can exempt them the credit hours that they deserve.

Certifications and Achievements:

If the applicant has been the part of different certification programs or has any achievements to his credit in his respective field, then this can lead him to get the impressive number of credit hours accreditation. However, the quality of certifications and the level of his achievement will still be assessed by the college assessors. It is very common in such colleges that the more certificates and accomplishments you have under your belt, the more chances are there to have the most number of credit hours accreditation.

Military Training Programs:

The military has their own credit allocation system which the military personals get after very drudgery. Life experience degree programs not only accept these credit hours but also appreciate because the credit hours that military individuals get are unique as compared to any civilian.

Final Words:

These are the place, reasons and process that makes life experience degree programs sweet, short and simple. If you still have any queries regarding any of the processes as mentioned above, we would be pleased to give answers to your concerns as soon as possible.

Author Bio:

Manuel Frazier is a grade of the University of Mississippi and has been in the field of writing since past decade. He is very renowned in writing in favor of the unique degree programs like accredited life experience degree and had participated in many debates regarding this.