How to Handle First Casting Call Like a Pro?

Casting calls can be very important part of an acting career. Searching for a casting call can also be a difficult task.

After so many internet searches if you have secured a desired casting call, it’s important for you to handle it in a way such that things go well. Making a great first impression is important to go ahead on your career ladder. This guide will brief you some tips about how to prepare yourself for casting.

How to Handle a Casting?

  • Ensure That Chosen Agency Holds Open Casting

Not every agency holds open calls. It’s important that before you go for casting, you’re sure of the fact that chosen agency offers free casting calls. You can confirm this by referring to website of the modelling agency.

In case, they offer free casting calls, it will be mentioned separately. On the contrary, if they don’t they will state it directly that they don’t offer open calls. In case, there’s no information about casting calls on the website, most likely such agencies don’t hold open calls.

  • Read Info and Follow Through

It’s important that you don’t attend a casting without prior information. It’s important that you check the website of agency to know when the casting calls are being conducted and what all you need to take along while going for a casting call. Knowledge of such instructions will help you to be ahead in line and this will make your journey much smoother.

  • Be Sure of The Time

Reaching late on your first casting call can be put a poor first impression in mind of the agency people. Therefore, it’s important that you reach well-in-time. Usually, casting agencies hold calls on certain weekdays. Moreover, casting calls usually last for 2 hours or so. It’s important for you to know about their working days and work timings so that there’s no issue later on.

  • Don’t Take Other People with You

In case you’re under 18, you should accompany your parent/guardian for the casting. However, make sure that you don’t take anyone else but one parent. This condition also holds good if you’re under 18. However, if you’re more than 18 years old, don’t take anyone else along with you.

  • Dress Perfectly

It’s important to understand the purpose of casting call. The agency people want to evaluate and understand your potential. Therefore, it’s important that you dress-up accordingly. In some cases, casting agencies put information about dress code on their websites. Make sure that you don’t deviate from the advised dress code.

  • Be Ready to Wait

It can take some time to meet agency people. Therefore, it’s important that you keep yourself occupied meanwhile. Doing homework, talking on phone, playing games on phone and texting should be avoided since it can distract your attention. This in turn can cause missing some important announcement. In case, you’re also looking for a professional casting, then your search ends at Amy Gossels casting.


Hope this guide will give you required details about to-dos at casting.