How To Maintain Healthy Eating At Indian Restaurants?

If you have heard about Indian cuisine, then you would have probably heard about the numerous ingredients used and the amount of oil used. Well, every nation has its own way of cooking and there health benefits as well as risks associated. One thing is for sure, if an individual visits a Brampton Indian restaurant twice or thrice a month there would be no problems at all. The problem comes when the visit becomes too frequent because it would be a complete change from eating habits. Interestingly, the nationals of India stay very strong and immune by eating the same food. It is because of the lack of adaptive nature that causes few problems. However, they could be avoided by following the tips mentioned:

No Appetizers

The taste of an Indian appetizer is extraordinary but the only problem is the use of excess oil to make them. For example, appetizers like Samosa and Pakora are deep fried in oil making them the oiliest foods of all time. Fortunately in places like Mayura restaurant Brampton the customers can ask the chef to go for an alternative preparation methods where less oil is involve. Although, this changes the taste a bit it would at least help in eating the delicious appetizers trade mark to India.


Most of the Indian restaurants in Brampton offer more than a hundred delicacies out of which maximum number are non-vegetarian. In Canada, Indian style is used to cook meat like beef to please the local customers. They are very tempting and most people try to order them. But, they are not that healthy because of the heaviness of the dish [because of the many spices]. Selecting something authentic and close to Indian cuisine like fish, prawns, chicken or mutton would be great.


There is no cuisine in the world that can offer more variety in vegetarian dishes than the Indian cuisine. The greatest aspect is that they are all healthy and would improve the health of an individual. In addition, one could feel the same taste as meat with the dishes which is quite extraordinary. Vegetarian dishes would involve the use of potato, cauliflower, cabbage, greenies, peas, etc. and very healthy. The curries made with different dals will help to build the strength of an individual.


It is proven that Indian breads like Pulka and Chapathi are known to reduce cholesterol and help in developing a healthy body. It is also well known that breads like Puri are very oily and can cause illness with excess eating. So, try to order pulka, naan or chapathi as a bread option when you visit a Brampton Indian restaurant.


Indian dishes need different oils for different preparations; therefore, ask what type of oil is used for a particular dish in the menu. If you are not comfortable with the oil then request the chef to change the oil if possible. Try avoiding dishes involving coconut oil as the rest are common to every country.

By taking care of these aspects one could frequently visit any of the Indian restaurants in Brampton. It would result in healthy Indian eating and great change in the eating habit of the person.