How To Pack Your Closet For The Move

Packing your closet for a relocation, is something that many of us look to do when we move house. Except, trying to fit all your belts, clothes and shoes into one neat little package, is a nightmare! In a perfect world, we’d have an angel who would take care of it for us, however facing reality is always beneficial. A removal company is definitely able to help with this, however with the simple steps that have been listed below, you will have your closet flat packed in no time!

1) Separate all your items from each other. It’s tempting to throw everything in a box and call it a day, making it easier for the removal company—but a hassle for you. You overcome this by getting separate boxes for each collective item, and place them into it. The first one you start with is shoes, then you move to clothes and then you move to special items—things that you know are fragile and can easily break.

2) A removals company will ensure that all boxes are set in order, however the challenge comes when you need to pack something. When it comes to shoes, if they are closed toe, roll up some newspaper and stuff it in. The reason for this, is because the stuffing keeps the shoe intact. You can have shoes squashed and lose shape especially if heavier things end up crushing them. When it comes to clothes, fold them neatly and lay them one on top of the other. This ensures that you have space for the movers to move the boxes, properly.

3) Clothes that have easy to snag zippers and buttons, should be folded away from those that are simply pull overs or can be put on easily. This is because zippers and buttons can easily tear apart soft material such as silk as well as cashmere. Ensure that you label the boxes, so that you do not get confused or mixed up, during your house move. Relocations are stressful enough on their own, you do not need extra hassle contributing to the issue.

4) Do not try and pack your closet in one day! This is one of the biggest mistakes that someone can make. It is very tempting to think you can do it all in an afternoon. Be kind to yourself and take 30 minutes out of each day to carefully pack everything, so that you do not feel the need to rush. If you try and pack everything in one afternoon, you will end up losing motivation and burn out quite quickly. Your closet should be treated like anything else that you’re looking to pack for your house removal. Take it easy and plod along slowly. You will find yourself having a lot more energy by the end of it all!

5) If your wardrobe is yours and needs to be packed, ensure that you start your content packing early so that you have enough time to disassemble the closet itself to be packed. The last thing you would like is a rushed pack and then you cannot end up finding half your clothes, or a component of your wardrobe for that matter.

When you follow these easy to do steps, you will find that packing your closet to move house becomes very simple. We often stash quite a few things in our closets, think of this being a way for a good spring clean before you move place.