How To Stay Cool In A Heatwave

How To Stay Cool In A Heatwave

The UK has experienced its fair share of heat waves over the last few months, not that we’re complaining. However, whilst some of us are able to go out and enjoy the heat, many of us are cooped up at work. If you work in an office for example, it can be difficult to remain productive when the sweat is literally dripping down your back. Here are a few easy tips to stay cool during the next heatwave that strikes the country:

Deep Breaths

One of the most common ways to cool yourself down is through deep breathing. By doing so, you can lower your overall body heat and even decrease your stress levels. Breathe in through your mouth before exhaling through your nose. This will help to cool you down in times of immense heat and discomfort.

Wear Loose Clothing

Avoid anything too tight and opt for loose fit clothes instead, such as skirts and light fabric dresses. You may notice that when you’re on holiday, the locals don’t seem too bothered about the heat. They have learnt to adapt and can wear clothes that covers their entire bodies without breaking a sweat. Some women’s designer jeans are cool enough to wear in a hot climate. For example, women designer jeans through Cuba are extremely figure flattering. You may want to choose the lighter shades to help reflect light and reduce your core temperature in the process.

Drink Plenty of Water

Drinking plenty of water during a heatwave should be practiced in order to reduce the symptoms of dehydration. These include fatigue, headaches, dry skin and in extreme cases, can even trigger a person to faint involuntarily.

Close your Curtains

According to the Telegraph, closing your curtains can help prevent the sun from getting in, thus reducing the amount of head being fed into your home. The curtains will help to cool the temperature of the house down.

Eat Smaller Meals

Instead of eating big meals, stick to smaller dishes to help cool yourself down. A big meal will only weigh you down and make you feel even hotter as a result. By eating smaller meals at different times, you will help to better control your body’s temperature and stay cooler as a result.