How to Work with an External Payroll Provider

Many small and medium sized businesses decide to work with an external payroll provider in order to streamline their payroll processes. Outsourcing payroll can save significant amounts of time and money. Many businesses see the benefits of outsourcing this key task. However, finding the right payroll provider makes all the difference to the success of the outsourcing operation. Getting the relationship right with the payroll company also helps to create a beneficial long-term solution for a business. Here are some things you can look at to help make the working relationship positive and beneficial.

Select the Right Payroll Provider

You are off to a flying start when you choose the best provider for your outsourced payroll needs. There are many companies offering to handle your payroll for you. You need to choose a company that is well-respected, professional, cost-effective, and efficient. They should have the same core values as your business and work with strong communication ethics, team work, and high quality customer service. It is worth spending some time discussing your needs with your shortlisted payroll companies in order to make sure that you are both on the same page.

Discuss Needs and Priorities

While payroll tasks are often the same for everyone, each business will have specific needs that make their payroll requirements different. Discuss your needs with the provider who will be handling your payroll. Work out the most efficient ways of working together, and discuss what needs to be done by both parties in order to make the process easier and more effective.

Seek Added Value

Look for a payroll provider that adds value to the business over and above the simple processing of data. Ultimately you want the provider to be able to advise you if you are missing out on more efficient ways of working, or be able to tell you that there are better ways of making payroll easier. A good payroll provider will make life easier for you in many respects. Don’t be afraid to look for added value when you can get it.

Define a Clear Scope of Work

It also helps, before you hire an external firm to handle your payroll, to define exactly the scope of work you need. Speak to people in your organisation who are currently handling payroll to find out what would be most useful to them in terms of skills and jobs. Be clear from the upfront what you need from a provider in order to help them to help you.

When picking a payroll outsourcer, do your own research as well as asking for recommendations from others in the industry. It pays to spend some time in trying to find the right fit before you commence the professional relationship.