How Women’s Substance Abuse Differs Than Men?

How Women’s Substance Abuse Differs Than Men?

Women experience unique problems, when they are a part of substance abuse. Special problems are related to –

• Menstrual cycle

• Hormones

• Menopause

• Breast-feeding

• Pregnancy

• Fertility

Reasons to use drugs are also unique like –

• Fighting exhaustion

• Controlling weight

• Self-treating depression

• Coping physical or mental pain

Research reports show that –

• Women use drugs differently like use small amounts for short period than men and get addicted.

• Women respond to substances differently like impact their menstrual cycle or have more cravings for drugs.

• Some hormone drugs make women extra sensitive.

• Women using drugs may experience brain changes, which differ then men.

• Emotional situations like divorce or partner’s death or losing child custody are triggers of mental health disorder or increase in substance use.

• Domestic violence is also a culprit for directing women to substance use.

• Women using specific substances are more at risk to suffer from anxiety, depression, and panic attacks.

• Women are more vulnerable, so can relapse after treatment.

• Overdose can result in women winding up in emergency room or can die

Drug addict life is flooded with dangers and risks but in case of women substance abuse there is an extra possibility of rape or sexual exploitation. This can cause an unplanned pregnancy. Addiction to drugs will not allow the women to stop using drugs.

Side Effects of Substance Use

During Pregnancy

It is risky for the fetus and the mother because the chances of miscarriage increase. Women can suffer from high pressure and seizures that can affect the baby’s growth in the mother’s womb.
Fatal or long term effects include –

• Low birth weight

• Small size of head

• Birth defects

• Sudden death syndrome

• Premature birth

• Issues with memory, learning and emotional controls

• Developmental delays

During Breast-feeding

Regular use of substance abuse can impact the breast milk. Drug-exposed babies can suffer from brain issues that can impact memory or learning abilities.

Drug Treatment in Women Differ

When women enter Bradford drug rehab center their treatment program may seem different than men because their response differs. For pregnant women, there are special treatment program, which help them stop usage safely.

Positive results are rapid, when a woman in treatment gets supports to handle work burden, child, & home care along with other family responsibilities. Medicines help treat pregnant women but their baby’s may need withdrawal symptom treatment, as soon as they are born.

Unfortunately, there are women who will ignore treatment with a hope to avoid stigma linked with being a drug addict. On the other hand, there are emotional concerns like possibly losing job, kids, freedom that will direct her to try to quit this use of substance, even from home. It is a risky option and the risk of relapse is high.

A woman needs to seek help in professional setting at rehab centers. It can help them change their life totally and start moving on road of recovery.