Hydrogen Fuel For Cars

Although fuel cell cars are relatively rare, compared to standard cars and hybrids; hydrogen fuel is available in some areas, especially large cities. Before purchasing a fuel cell car, we should be aware of the benefits of hydrogen-powered cars. Eventually, oil price will reach a level where hydrogen-powered cars become more feasible. Hydrogen itself is a relatively common fuel and there would be a time when we will see hydrogen pumps constructed all around the world. It may still take a few decades before it happens, but the demand for hydrogen fuel will shoot up. Hydrogen-powered cars can run for weeks before it needs to be refuelled. This could be the final answer to transportation-related problems. In fact, it possible to convert our standard, gasoline-powered car into a hydrogen car. It is possible to improve the mileage by up to 100 percent by using hydrogen fuel, instead of gasoline. We can purchase a kit the convert water into pure hydrogen.

The way hydrogen cars work should be easy to understand. We need distilled or very pure water to run our car. The fuel cell splits water into two basic elements, hydrogen and oxygen. In this case, our car won’t run out of water, because water is nearly unlimited. In fact, we will never run out of water, because hydrogen will be reformed into pure water again. We are in luck if there’s a hydrogen station near our house, otherwise, we need to use pure distilled water as the source of hydrogen. Conversion will require some investment and we should be ready for it.

Converting our car to run on hydrogen can be rather complicated, but luckily, we don’t need an engineering degree to understand it properly. The HHO generator can be assembled by ourselves. Although the process shouldn’t be prohibitively complex and we may not need expensive modifications. The generator will convert pure water into HHO, which can be injected along with air into the combustion chamber through the carburettor. This should help to increase the mileage to more than 50 percent. A gallon of pure water could give us plenty of HHO gas that can last us for many months.

Converting our car will require many components, such as quick splice connectors, PCV enhancers, electrolyzer, dual-edge map sensor enhancer, electrolyzer wiring harness, tubing for water charging, vaporizer for charged water system, fuel heater, baking soda as catalyst, vacuum hose for air filter and vacuum-T along with its hose. Many of these components are available as a kit. As a result they are relatively easy to procure and we will be able to work with it easily. We can save a lot of money, despite the ever-escalating gas prices. Some mechanics are experienced with converting our car to support hydrogen fuel. We may need to ask for their help to make sure that it is possible to install the whole system properly. Using an hydrogen car should be quite affordable, once we are able to install the system properly.