Impact Of Logos And Slogans On Corporate Branding

Impact Of Logos And Slogans On Corporate Branding

From Nike’s “swoosh” symbol to Starbucks’ twin-tailed mermaid or siren, the world’s largest companies take great care of their logos.

It is true that words have the power to change the meaning of the text. There are certain words, which links with the brand. If the person hears such words, his attention immediately diverts towards that brand. For example, if I say the words” Just do it”, you will not go for its literal meanings, rather, you would think about Nike. If the phrase “Connecting People” is used somewhere, the mind will immediately divert to Nokia and this example reflect the importance of the words selected for the advertisement and marketing of the company and product.

To grab the attention of the targeted audience, it is essential to use words effectively. Words have the power to last, as they are easy to remember. This strategy can help a company to portray themselves. You need to select the slogans that will have a positive and lasting expression on the memory of the population. Effective advertising is an effective option to earn extra credit points for the organization. The slogan of the company should be memorable and actionable. It should positively present the idea of the company. The Logo or slogan should be conceptual and effectively state the aims and goals of the organization.

The Power Of Logos And Slogans:

A slogan is a tag line, which is often, accompanied with a logo. The designs of the slogans should be creative, so that they can play with the mind of the customers. They should be catchy and interesting with a touch of humor and sense. They help the company to portray its true meaning to the world. It is common practice to change the slogans of the company ever now and then, until the company finalizes a single message, which helps in conveying their message effectively.

In theory, a logo is a symbol, emblem or a visual used by a company to differentiate itself from the competitors. In reality, it is much more than that a mere symbol. It is the value associated with the product; it is the connection of customers and the company. A company can choose to design their logo according to their own preferences or requirements. There are many ways to design a logo, but for concreteness, clarity and conciseness, they are divided into six major categories, which are as follows:

  1. Word mark (Text)
  2. Letter mark (Initials)
  3. Custom logo design service ( Special needs)
  4. Brand mark (Symbol or Icon)
  5. Combination Mark (Text and Symbol)
  6. Emblem (Text Inside Symbol)

This practice is clearly opposite to that of a logo, as changing the logo is associated with changing the identity of the brand. The slogan and logo of the company should be complete, reliable, and emotionally attached to the company. It should effectively convey the emotional attachment of the company to its product and reflect the devotion of the organization towards its customers. A unique logo can help the company to prove their identity in an innovative manner.

Impact Of Logos And Slogans On Corporate Branding

Branding of the company is in direct relation with creating a prominent and effective identity that can leave an imprint on the memory of the customers. It is the shadow of the brand as it reflect the objectives of the company in an effective and individualized manner. Alone a band name cannot achieve these feats; therefore, a company can go for slogans to deal with this problem. The slogan of the brand can also help the company to reflect the essence of the brand. It is comparatively more appealing than the noun and can be considered as a phrase that is easier to relate to the organization.

The slogan speaks for the brand it is representing and works as a DNA of the brand. It affects the integrity and identity of the product and helps the employees to relate to the company. It can mirror the commitment of the organization and can work magic for the company. Words are the king of the marketing world, and a good marketing plan can help the company to sit on the throne of branding and marketing galaxy. The slogan and logo of the company should touch the employees and customer on an emotional level, and it should act as a bridge among the customers and the brand.

Final Word:

These two elements go hand in hand. One cannot survive without the other at all. You can have a catchy slogan, if you want. But as long as it is not accompanied by a good logo, it will not have an every lasting effect.  As Aristotle said,

 ‘The soul cannot think without an image’