Importance Of Law In A Society

Law In Society

No matter where you live, law is important for the society to ensure no public member’s rights are risked or at stake. The law is important because it is the basis that offers how citizens must behave with one another and with themselves. Without the implementation of law no society will be able to function smoothly. With the implementation of law, no man can live and coexist with another efficiently.

Law acts as and provides a solid guideline and informs the public of the many kinds of social behaviors that are acceptable in a society. Without the implementation of law there can arise several conflicts amongst individuals without a plausible and socially acceptable solution. Hence, in order to ensure a single persons demands or actions do not overpower the legal rights of another, over the year sets of law have been introduced in each state according to the caste, creed, color and religion of the majority that resides there. It is through these laws that the universe has been existing for all these years.

Kinds Of Laws

Though laws vary from state to state, there are many branches of law under respective individuals that make updating them, implementing them and following up with them a lot easier for the government. The common laws that readily exist in almost every state are:

  1. Drinking laws
  2. Driving laws
  3. Marriage laws
  4. Property laws
  5. Child custody laws
  6. Divorce laws
  7. Immigration laws and several others that make easy for people to co-exist in a society.

Therefore, it can very easily be stated that law is indeed very important in a society. Laws are made by man based on his observation of what works within a community and can help it grow financially, economically and most importantly as a peaceful society.

It provides protection to individuals who might be in trouble otherwise. It allows punishment to individuals who bring about harm to the others. It comes up with rules and regulations that help people tell good and bad deed apart from one another. Without a proper and smooth flowing system of law within a society, the government will not be able to offer any kind of control over the way in which a society is functioned and exists. It will make it impossible for spouses going through a divorce to lawfully divide assets, it will be impossible for property to be justly divided, for children to be provided shelter and protection, for education to be made valid and several similar other laws.

Hence, without the existence of socially acceptable actions and principles it will be impossible for more than a couple of individuals to coexist in the grand scheme of things.

Why Law Is Important

  • Law directly and mostly indirectly influences the way in which a society functions. It plays a vital role in each walk of life.
  • It declares for the public what acceptable and unacceptable public behavior is.

Therefore, it can be concluded that law is a vital medium and instrument that helps in ensuring positive change is brought about within a community, culture and region. Without introducing and implementing law, it is impossible to lead a country or a state to positive progression.

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