Important Factors To Consider While Installing Solar Parking Lot Lights

Your company has been given a project to install solar lighting panels for a neighborhood. This is your first project and you are super excited about it. Solar lighting is an environmental friendly way to provide electricity to neighborhoods in an efficient and effective way.

Choosing the Right Size and Design for Street Lights

You need to do your homework when it comes to parking lots. Not all parking lots will require the same lighting system. Understand the size of the parking lots in your neighborhood. If the parking lot is narrow or small, then go in for LED street lights that offer maximum lighting without compromising on quality.

Similarly for bigger and spacious parking lots, you need to go in for lighting fixtures that not only offer good lighting, but also ensures better visibility to prevent car thefts.

Types of Operation Profile for Solar Lighting

Operation profile refers to how you want the solar lighting to work in the best possible way. You can easily switch the lights from high to low intensity. When it comes to power and light parking options, you need to understand what operation profile will best be suitable for your project.

Some of the different types of operation profile to choose from include:

  • Fixed Night Operation
  • Split Night Operation
  • Real Time Operation

In fixed night operation, the parking lots solar lights come on at dusk at its full capacity. This is for a fixed number of hours.

During the split night operation mode, the solar lights come on at dusk at its full capacity for a fixed number of hours and then dim for a fixed number of hours, only to come back to its full capacity for a fixed number of hours.

In real time operation mode, devices like occupancy sensors can control the light settings for the parking lots. Here you can choose the time preferences to have the lights on or off and the intensity levels as per the needs and preferences of the neighborhood.

Key Factors while Installing Parking Lights

First and foremost, you need to understand what type of lighting you are looking for. Are you looking for only illuminating pathways? Do you want to go in for plain or simple designs? How do you want the parking light to be positioned?

The next step is to know the brightness of the LED light you wish to install. If you have no clue on the lumen requirements for you neighborhood project, then you can always call in a lighting professional to help you.

Choose the mode of operation that you want for the parking lot. Based on how much light you want to be showcased at night, you might be able to determine how much energy is needed to be stored. Look into the power requirements into the neighborhood and choose the best LED that suits your preferences.

Last, but not the least, choose the different mounting hardware that will be required to keep the streetlight in place.


When it comes to making your project a huge success, you need to be on top of your game. Understand the pain areas of the residents and come up with the best possible plan.