Dental Implant Restoration Technique

Important Things To Know About Dental Implant Restoration Technique

If your tooth or set of teeth is lost, missing, damaged or fractured and you are considering a restoration, you would probably want to go for dental implant which is the most recommended technique for getting a permanent solution to your problem.

There are certains condition where the chance of successful implant is very tiny, but if you are dealing with qualified dentist, success rate will be like 98 percents. Let’s go into the details about a couple of more things worth putting your hands on when considering a surgical implant.

Perfect replacement

If you want a permanent replacement that lasts throughout a lifetime for your missing tooth, you’ve got it with implants. There are several other techniques which are employed by dentists but they are considered old fashioned for the fact that they are actually meant for temporal and artificial replacement.

But, implant restoration  involves a surgical procedure known as osseointegration in which endosseous components made of titanium are fixed into the jaw bones for permanent replacement.

Over time, bones build around the endosseous fixtures which interfaces the jaw. The good thing about this process is that your body system is highly tolerant to titanium, hence, you are not exposed to further risks or health issues. In short and simple terms, Implant helps your get your teeth back as good as gone.

Cost efficiency

As much as implant surgical process is more expensive than any other restoration technique, it is more cost efficient. If you go for bridging, over time, you will find yourself spending more money on replacing bridges. Porcelain bridges last for not more than 5 to 10 year after which they have to be replaced. In two decades, you would probably spend twice the amount of getting an implant. Once implant is done, you will stay with it for life- no removal or replacement.


The same process of maintaining a natural tooth applies to implants. You don’t have to get some unique type of brush or tooth paste for oral cleaning or floss compared to other restoration techniques where you need to do serious cleaning and flossing or even sometimes schedule an appointment with your dentist for maintenance. As much as you don’t have to do that, maintenance costs you next to no buck at all. You see why implant is most cost-efficient.

Worry no more about your teeth

You don’t have to worry about your teeth if you go for implant because your teeth will be restored naturally and the effect will be very robust. People who go for dental bridging to stay away from chewing bones to prevent the the teeth supporting the teeth from breaking thus causing the entire bridging to fail. But titanium are very strong and robust materials and once the jaw bones are build around it, it becomes as strong as natural teeth.

A food for thought

Before going for implant, it is imperative that you consult a qualified dentist first to examine your condition and advise you on how to go about the restoration procedure. Also, be careful who you choose to do your restoration. As a dentist, I have seen several cases where implants turn out to produce very bad outcomes. But if you choose the right dentist, you will have the best restoration experience.