Improving Your Engagement With Consumers Through Videos

Improving Your Engagement With Consumers Through Videos

It is no hidden fact that the video content on social media is slowly taken over all the posts and static content. Users are clearly more interesting in watching a video rather than following a plain text. After the video, the second most appealing content is the picture based content. This clearly means that anything which is visually appealing is dear to the social media users and their brains can connect well. These contents also have a higher emotional and sentimental appeal compared to traditional content.

However, despite being such a potential asset in content still some videos fail to perform. Usually the metrics on social media, which determine the success or failure of the campaigns include views, shares, likes and comments and the overall engagement rate as well as the reach. When the views and shares are low the engagement rate will also fall down and this means your video is not performing as per the potential. Now there could be several reasons why your video is not able to make the same kind of powerful impact you expected. Today’s blog is going to talk about different ways that can help you fix any problem and increase or better the views and engagement rate of your animated video.

Make Sure The Video Is Appealing To The Right Audience:

When you promote a video on social media, this means you are setting up a social media campaign for it which involves targeting and selecting a target audience based on demographics and other fields like interests and behaviors. Now if you have selected a target audience that has no relevance to the video then it surely is not going to appeal to them and force them to view or share your video and even engagement with it. So first and foremost is to ensure that you have used the right kind of targeting for your animated video.

Sentimental Value Or Controversy:

When you talk about social media, there are some quick and easy ways to success. One of them involves targeting consumers on the basis of their sentimental value or even completely objecting their thoughts by throwing in a controversy. While the latter might require a bit of risk involved, but the former is one of the easier ways to get your consumers into thinking about you with a better understanding and positive approach.Sometimes your video is too dry and does not really resonate enough to arouse the feelings within your users and they simply ignore it. So when you are getting fewer likes and shares with no engagement at all, consider increasing the sentimental value of it by working on the emotional aspect of the video and then see if you can get any different response from your target audience. Emotional appeal or videos which emotionally move consumers are the biggest success on the social media front.

Invest Money:

Usually most social media platforms have now decreased the level of people you can reach for free and this results in a minimized organic reach. It eventually results in a low engagement rate and few shares, so you can also try investing some money behind your video to ensure you reach to the maximum number of audience.

Good Story:

Your video should not just be a fluke collection of animation or scenes that has no logical sense. It should really tell a good story something that makes your users want to talk about it and also share with others. Story is something that can help you get an average video to the most elevation possible purely based on its message and emotional value.

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