Ingrowing Hairs: How To Prevent Them

Ingrowing Hairs: How To Prevent Them

Shaving is a fine art, with many men perfecting their techniques over time, using a method unique to them. But something that all men have in common, is the possibility of an ingrown hair. For those who have suffered these little balls of pain, they know just how uncomfortable it really is.

Thankfully, there are a few tricks that can help prevent these unwelcome hairs.

First the Facts

An ingrown hair occurs when the hair in question decides to take a turn for the worse. It literally turns on itself, causing a raised red bump on the skin that looks similar to a spot. Although anyone can get them, they are more common in those who have rough or curly hair. They can be itchy, uncomfortable and sometimes awkward to tease out, but there are steps that you can take to help with this, or assist in avoiding them completely.

Prevention Techniques

Many will say that beard oils are the way to go, and while they are a good solution, there are also other things to consider implementing into your shaving regime.

Start with a hot shower to really open up the pores in your skin and soften the hairs, then a couple of times a week use a good quality facial scrub to cleanse and prime your skin. Next, check that your razor is clean and your blades are sharp, and essentially, free from rust.

A good quality oil such as, or a shaving cream is the next step, working either of these into the skin quite aggressively to help make it tender before starting the shaving process, which will aid the blade to glide over the skin rather than catching. Remember, never go against the grain, follow the hair’s natural route.

Post Shave

After shaving is complete grab a pair of tweezers and search the skin for those tell-tale bumps, gently pulling on any hairs that you find, to help loosen them and pull them through the surface. Don’t pull them out though, as this can lead to infection. Just tease them out from under the bump.

And for further prevention after you finish your shave, rather than use a traditional aftershave, which is great for nourishment, try an ingrown hair treatment. You could find that this is just the thing that you need to keep those pesky turners at bay.