Intellectually Disable Can Get College Access!

A sophomore named Daniel wished to go to a college and being laughed. The reason is not what you are thinking. It is because of the false pomposity of him. He was speaking at a conference of national disability rights, at 3rd December.

Daniel wants social interaction and support from the community what he is expecting to receive from Portland State University to mitigate his limitations and to develop him as a product which is sellable.

Recently Portland State Univ. has won around three million dollars as a grant to support programs for people like Daniel, suffering from intellectual disabilities. All that money will spend for advising the students in their academic coursework, training for the teachers and the development of the program. Some portion of the money will be spending for community outreach.

Ann Fullerton, who will jointly direct the program, is seeing a lot hope after this movement of winning the grant. He thinks it can help them to build a lot of supporters within the community, who can really help people those have some sort of intellectual disability.

It doesn’t mean that the parents of the disable students would not pay the tuition, but the grant was necessary to give the thing a further boost. Now PSU students are all well-aware about the program and the grant.

Program of Cutting-edge

The program is for five years that will start working for five students in upcoming 2016-17 and will cover at least 35 students in upcoming years. Many people adjacent with this program are thinking that, if they can shape these five people, eventually they can shape and guide many others using the same experience and expertise.

‘You are caring for the intellectually disable peoples’- this statement will not work at PSU, cause they want to see that care not from your home, rather in the field. Statistics has revealed the rate of getting a job while being an intellectually disable individual has increased up to forty percent after being properly guided. Previously the percentages were only 15 percent. Moreover, many others are showing interest in further study.

The degree of social interaction level has increased a lot too, which indicates socialization programs can really work for the betterment of the intellectually disable individuals. They can think about getting a college degree too.

Actually, the scenario is changing because of taking some good initiatives across the world. This was important, this was crucial to be said, and yes not for the US only, but for the rest of world. The sooner the people of different communities will start joining in the campaign the faster an intellectually disable Down syndrome individual can see light live a bit more with all of us.

It’s a matter of life & death!

It is a matter to confess that the program of PSU has brought much change about the views and opinion of people of our community regarding intellectually disable individual, especially those are suffering from Down syndrome. A study says the life expectancy of such people has raised a lot. In 1983 life expectancy were only 25, what is now at 60. This is really something phenomenal and we have to admit it.

Yes, two generation ago people those are suffering from Down syndrome were not college goers, but now the situation has changed a lot and they are going to schools and colleges by a large margin.  Many people having Down syndrome die because of pneumonia, as because they don’t know the answer of it. They die as they are not properly guided. They die as they assisted miserly in feeding. But after going within the program of PSU, such people really can have a better life. This can work as therapy for the people having that problem.

The change is also required in the mind of the community of us, as because still many people look at those Down syndrome peoples with their stereotype look, what they should not be. Yes, this Down syndrome rate is decline sharply as the recent research has suggested, but still there are many things to do for the people who are suffering now and will live and share the community for upcoming 50 years.

Biography: Osborn Montague is a freelance writer at and a student of Stark State College. He is well aware of contemporary academic writing styles, emerging essay topics what can be worth working on.