Interior Designer Reveal Secrets Of A Designer Budget Home

Interior Designer Reveal Secrets Of A Designer Budget Home

Our home is our sacred space. Where we find ourselves again and again. Everyone wants a well-maintained home, one that speaks of elegance and has all the comfort they need in the house. However, it may not be affordable for everyone to make his or her houses look like a luxury suite of a seven-star hotel. Interior designers have revealed some secrets that can help anyone in keeping a house that can give your house the look of a luxury suite without crossing the budget line.

Color Code

It is the color that sets the tone of rest of the interior in the house. The elegance quotient of a room depends a lot on the color of the walls. Our eyes have a brain of their own if something is pleasing to our eyes our brain automatically makes a decision to like the image. Hence color is a key player that will make or break the impression of your home.

Therefore, it can be concluded that choosing the color of paint coat in your room is the toughest choice that you may have to make. If you need an elegant look, you can opt for a color that is bold and dramatic. Another popular option for an elegant looking home can be soft and understated hues.

Crown Modelling

Crown modeling may seem like an expensive deal at first. However, you might be surprised to know that it is one of the most easiest ways to add elegance to any house. A room that has well-defined crown modeling is sufficient enough to cast an impression on your guests. Interior designers feel it is important that one gives attention to the details while transforming their home into a luxury and elegant looking space.

Concentrating on the details can make you understand that if the ceiling is well maintained and decorated it can directly make the house look elegant. You can go for high baseboard design, columns ceiling, ceiling beams, chair rails and ceiling medallions.

Pillows – Do Not Underestimate them

Interior Designer Reveal Secrets Of A Designer Budget Home

Pillows serve a dual purpose in a house. First they add elegance to the whole house, whatever be the furniture you put them close by and see the elegance that a thing as simple as a pillow can add to your house. Interior designers suggest that one may look for the color palette to make the choice between the colors of the pillow cover.

The second factor is that of comfort. The guest visiting your house will be delighted to be seated in a cozy and cozy couch. However, designers suggest that instead of the 12 or 14-inch pillows, buy the 22-inch stuffed with 24-inch inserts.

Light makes a Difference

Light is another factor that builds the image of your house. Lighting is something that the builders have a habit of repeating their installations. The style of glass bulbs, the tone of light and the standard light makes the look monotonous. You can look to add innovative designs and use styling that make it more attractive to see the lights coming out of some attractive glass piece. For which if you do some online research you may get a good deal to make it look good on your walls and the light falling on your furniture. Make sure not to choose flashy lights that can spoil the look of the house.