Introducing Top 3 Elegant Ways To Style Classic Red Roses!!

The red roses are considered as a unique gift that you can present to someone special who means a lot to you. The roses, especially the red roses are preferred for romantic purposes for expressing love to your better half or for proposing the one whom you love from the bottom of the heart. Other than that, roses are considered as the universal gift for every occasion as these flowers can simply brighten up one’s day.

Introducing Top 3 Elegant Ways To Style Classic Red Roses!!

Traditionally, these roses are romantic and beautiful, but at some of the times, these classics could be presented in a much-refreshed way. It has become a trend of presenting flowers in a traditional clear glass vase which is a common gifting option. As a result, in order to try something different below we are introducing some of the most elegant ways to present roses that give them a more unique, contemporary as well as chic look.

Introducing Top 3 Elegant Ways To Style Classic Red Roses!!The flower delivery companies also suggest that if you are the one who are receiving these amazing ruby red roses then you are truly loved by the sender. Also, you must be looking for the best way in order to display them for everyone who admires this gorgeous gift. So let us have a look at those exceptional fresh ways for styling these radiant red roses:

Introducing Top 3 Elegant Ways To Style Classic Red Roses!!

Before we look over different styling steps for roses, let me share that at the end of the article you will come across some of the important tips that must be kept in mind to keep lovely flowers freshest for a longer time. So don’t miss out those tips!

  1. Roses Cubed: In order to give a super sleek modern look, one can go with the cubic rose arrangement. For making this square style arrangement, you need a clear cube vase and the vase stones. The number of roses that you can use depends on the size of the cube. First fill the vase with water while covering the base with decorative coloured stones. Then trim the stems to the same height as that of the vase and place them standing up in the vase by packing them tightly in order to keep the roses in its place. These elegant small cubes of roses would definitely steal the heart of your beloved.

  1. Cupcake Roses: In this floral arrangement, a cupcake stand and mercury votive candles are being used as the vases for creating an amazing and elegant look. If not cupcakes, you can opt for any other containers or stand as you want. Another best option is using a mix of small vases or the votive cups that could give a more modern look to the arrangement.

  1. Candlelight Roses: This floral arrangement style can be looked as a popular wedding centre-piece that not only gives a cool look but also helps in setting the romantic mood. For this arrangement, you need to have three clear cylinder vases at different heights, three straight pins, three plastic cups, vase stones, scissors as well as three floating candles. Fill almost halfway fresh water in the vase and use the plastic cups as the anchor inside the vase. Trim the roses according to your desired length and with the help of plastic cups let the flowers float in the center. Decorate the bottom of the vase with decorative stones, fill the vase to the top with water while making entire rose submerged in water and place floating candles on the top. This would be a perfect romantic gift for your beloved partner.

Now it’s time to reveal some of the most tips to be kept in mind before you plan to opt for any of the rose arrangement. Here we go!

  • Removing the blooms from the box

  • Removing all leaves that will be below water line

  • Trimming down the stems at an angle

  • Pluck two or three outer petals that serve as a protective guard

  • Lastly, the most important one is changing water after every few days

Thus, these were some of the most exclusive latest ideas for designing the most elegant and stylish classic red rose arrangements.