Is Your Wardrobe Summer Ready?

Is Your Wardrobe Summer Ready?

The sun is literally splitting the trees and it’s time to pack away all those woolly jumpers and bring out the crop tops, bikini’s and shorts because summer is finally here!Most of us are dying to re-vamp our wardrobes and transform them into something a little more summer appropriate. It’s the season for walks on the beach, delicious barbecues with friends and jetting off to faraway lands to enjoy the blistering summer heat.

Your ideal summer wardrobe will depend largely on how you intend to spend the next few months. Obviously, you can’t control the weather, which could be warm and sunny one day and raining heavily the next. But fear not, here are all of the essentials you’ll need to ensure your wardrobe is summer ready:

Comfy Jeggings

A staple piece of summer clothing is a good quality pair of jeggings. These can be either denim or cotton jersey, but since it’s summer, it’s probably best to go for a comfortable pair of cotton jersey jeggings rather than denim. Instead of wasting money on a cheap pair of stretchy leggings that go out of shape after only one wash, we advise that you choose a high quality pair instead. Ladies designer clothing doesn’t have to be expensive, offers a range of designer jeans and jeggings that compliment your curves and flatter your figure.

Pajama Shirts

You’re probably wondering what a Pajama Shirt is. It sounds like something you’d wear to bed with your favourite pair of matching bottoms. However, a pajama shirt is actually a piece of daytime clothing that screams “boudoir”. The most wearable options come in either classic cotton or luxe silk, the choice is yours.

Statement Shorts

According to Cosmopolitan, you can’t go wrong with a pair of statement shorts this summer. These can either be in the form of Aztec prints or even a full-on sequin pair of shorts which add instant personality into your summer wardrobe. Why blend into the background when you can stand out from the crowd? Cosmo advises that you pair your statement shorts with a slinky vest top and heels to dress it up.

Camel Coat

Glamour Magazine claims that a camel coat is the “neutral cover-up of the year”. The duster style coats have been a huge trend this year, but you can also opt for a shorter option which may be more comfortable during the summer. These coats are so versatile that you can wear them with pretty much anything and still look incredibly put together.

Floral Sundress

A floral sundress screams femininity and style. The classic 50’s styled staple piece has come back into fashion, most of which feature a bold and bright design to really catch people’s attention. Match with a pair of comfortable wedges for the ultimate summer day-time look.