Italian Food

Italian Food Protocols You Might (Not) Want To Break

As far as food is concern, one thing that an Italian person doesn’t joke with is protocols. If you ever walk into a diner and break any of the protocols because you think you ain’t cut in for it, you are going to have a whole bunch of guys including your waiters staring at you and making some uncomplimentary remarks. Like to piss off a crowd in a restaurant or dinner… just break one the protocols highlighted thus while eating. A food for thought: make certain that you are really cut in for it- be prepared for the occasion. Alright! let’s get down to business.

Grabbing your breakfast

One rule of the rulebook that you might (not) want to break is that of breakfast. If you wake up in the morning and you feel it is time to go hustle for the belly, never expect to get conventional meal as you would have in your home. Here, it is a different ball game. While you might be expecting some pizza and stuff like that, you might get served coffee or coffee plus cornette, Italian traditional meal for breakfast. If you are lucky, your hotel might provide continental or intercontinental dishes. On the other hand, asking for something other than coffee, perhaps you are compromising a protocol.

How about having some coffee with or after your meal

Whereas that ain’t a bad idea in America or some other parts of the world, if you want to try an Italian man at home on a bad day, have you meal served with coffee or get some immediately after your meal. Coffee comes in handy for speeding up digestion. Having while eating is considered as disgusting if not dangerous by the Italians. You can stick around somewhere and get your coffee a couple of hours before dinner, you can can break the protocol if you wanted to.

Meat and milk in a meal will get you Sick or killed

If you kinda like going for cappuccino after eating pizza or some stuff that contain meat, you are not alone. But for the Italians, it is one of the drop-it-and-leave-it-alone kinda stuff. Having milk and meat in a meal will get you killed. They are pretty obsessed with this rule.

Coffee for the noon is unconventional

Keep your watch pretty close when having coffee and watch the time. When it hits noon, let of coffee and find yourself the right meal for the noon. Coffee is considered for breakfast by Italians. You will be creating a very, very dramatic scene if you are found grabbing it while you are supposed to be grabbing something for launch.

You might want to dip some bread into olive oil

Another disgusting thing to an Italian is dipping your bread into oil. Common! You are offered pasta and that will really do. But if think it doesn’t because you want to finish consume the bread before the dish course in totality, you might want to check this out:

Consuming your bread before course is bad idea

You can go ahead and break the protocol if you think you are all about a bad idea. But if the reverse is the case, wait for the course time before eating at all. The course is a collection of dishes to which the bread is supplement. To an Italian, eating the the bread before the course is unconventional.

When you live in a free world, you can have everything as you want. If you really deem it necessary to break ‘em, go ahead and do it. It is not a must to stick to the protocols and they may not even fit into your daily routine. That being the case, stick to works for you or go for Italian Food and restaurant or hotel that offer varieties of continental and intercontinental dishes.