Know About The Biggest Engagement Rings Trends For 2017 That Rock The Look

The engagement ring that you choose also depicts your personal style. You can pick an engagement ring that is contemporary in contrast with traditional looking rings. Times have changed when it comes to choosing an engagement ring design.

Newer brides are looking for designs that are modern and urban. They prefer experimenting with designs for rings on their special day. You can also choose a custom made design in any of the precious metals and stones. Designs are available in combination of various materials and patterns.

 Offbeat Engagement Rings Designs for Bold Brides

  1. Offbeat colors like raw black, grey, and unconventional colors are available.
  2. Put that rock on your finger with designs that are bold and alternative.
  3. Traditional designs look great on ethnic wear.
  4. Brides experimenting with unconventional outfits can choose from emeralds and sapphire.
  5. Diamonds are classic and still be in vogue.
  6. If you are bored of choosing a diamond ring, choose the one that suits your dress and personality.
  7. Designs inspired by celestial bodies, fantasy creatures, Victorian styles are popular.
  8. Choose shapes other than round and oval for casing of precious stones.
  9. Emeralds and sapphires embedded in v-shaped ring looks great and unique.
  10. Pink rubies are romantic colors that can be chosen as rings for this ceremony.
  11. Asymmetrical designs are great if you are choosing a beach wedding.

Rose Gold and More Designs for Rings for Engagement

Engagement ceremony is the start of a lifelong commitment. If you are the bride who is bold and not the run-of-the-mill, girl next door, you can choose anything other than diamond engagement rings. Get that bolder look that makes your day even more special. Choose cuts that look antique and stones with a unique color combination. These engagement ring prices vary based on their make and the material used. You can also choose various designs in the encrusted setting of any ring.

Vintage designs are timeless and can go well with any outfit. Rose gold is always a better choice than the conventional gold, as the rose gold displays modernism and some personality. Brides who are bored of the traditional jewellery can experiment with the various precious metals other than gold.

Stones nestled in other Stones

Who said engagement is all about diamonds. Today designs for rings chosen for a engagement ceremony vary from an array of gemstones and metals. Handmade rings have unique design elements and textures that look distinct and different from the machine made jewelry.

Rings for engagement are available in offbeat and eye-catching designs. There are umpteen designs for rings and it is easy to get overwhelmed. For this, flip a few magazines and do some research online to get an idea about what you like and what you have in mind. This makes it easier to make a choice when you go ring shopping.


Engagement ceremony is as important as the marriage ceremony. With no stone left unturned to any kind of details that make your day special, you can start your search for the ring that makes you truly happy much before you start shopping.