Know About The Different Types Of Hot Printing

If you want to identify your product with affine image on top of it then HotPrinting is the way to go. There are different types and processes that are followed to give you the best imaging on your product. Out of these the major types of hot stamping which are commonly followed are roll on, vertical stamping and peripheral decorating. The major difference in the three types of hot printing is that in vertical stamping process the heat transfer is such on the foil that it applies to a flat area. It can also be used for any cylindrical area but in that case the print will be applied up to ninety degrees of the cylindrical area.

Roll On Hot Stamping

If you want to stamp an image on a large but flat surface of your substrate then Roll On hot stamping process is the best suited process to get the desired image with the required effect. It is also used sometimes for embossing and de-bossing of any image as well.This type of printing process is very useful for making advertising banners and hoardings which cover a large area and huge images, sometimes multiple in number and color as well. Used extensively for advertising consumer products and cinemas, it is a fast and cost effective way of advertising.

Peripheral Decorating Process

On the other hand, if you want to decorate the sides and perimeter of any part of your substrate then you must go for Peripheral Decorating process as it is best suited for such purpose and can go up to a full circle.Therefore, when you want to hot print an image on your product you have to decide about the process which you must follow wisely by considering the area in which you need the image to be printed.

Difference In Types

Previously different kinds of types were used for printing but with the advent of hot printing machines the printing techniques have changed from letter press printing to ‘Kiss Impression’ printing. Ink was used before and now there is no use of ink for printing as you can get different types of colored foils for HotPrinting which are also made of different types. But in all the processes the basic principle remains the same for all the three process types which is application of heat and pressure for a specific period of time by a heated die on to the substrate through a colored foil.