Know About The World’s Strongest Magnet

Neodymium is undoubtedly the world’s strongest magnet. It is made up of rare earth materials and very little was known about this power product. Since the magnet is an alloy of boron, aluminium and other substances, they don’t lose their magnetic properties.  Neodymium magnets are found in the earth’s crust and can be put to several uses.

These magnets were first used by the automobile industry for making luxury cars. Later on, it was put to use in certain industrial technologies and machineries. You will be surprised to know that all machines and devices have some percentages of this rare earth metal, from smart phones to the space craft sent to mars.

Why is it “rare earth metal”?

These magnets are formed from the crystals, by the process of crystallization. They are found deeply embedded in the earth’s crust. Heat and temperature fluctuations over the years have made them stronger. Along with magnetic properties, these neodymium magnets also have conductive properties. Therefore, these substances are very efficient in producing strong electrostatic forces.

As per the name, you can understand that it is one of the rare earth elements, and they are not abundant. However, China controls 97 percent of the total supply in the world. They do not trade this metal to any other countries, and therefore the cost of acquiring this metal is costly.

The other place that ranked in second in having this metal was U.S, but after the radioactive accident in 1990s, it cannot be produced any more. The radioactive radiations have completely made this metal ineffective.

The race of making rare earth magnet

The only reason why neodymium magnets are so much in demand is because of their magnetic properties. These magnets do not lose their magnetic field of force or magnetic attraction capacity, over the course of time.

They are highly resistant to corrosion and erosion, so you can put them to use. Since this metal is not found much, certain companies are making magnets artificially. These magnets are being made in such a way, that they can be used effectively.

A strong magnet will have strong magnetic springs. The magnetic strength is dependent on these magnetic springs. These days, to overcome the scarcity, scientists are making artificial neodymium magnets. A percentage of neodymium magnets are mixed up with other magnetic substances.

This way the magnetic retention remains intact and is being widely used by turbine, motors and electrical units.  A normal magnet will be around 2-4 percentage of the magnetic capacity, whereas neodymium magnets are 57-67 percentage of the magnetic capacity. Large industrial buyers buy these magnets in huge volume. After, certain period of usage, they give neodymium magnets for sale to magnet producing industries. Mainly, they carry out their experiment with it.

Over years of experiment, it has been found out that neodymium-iron-boron magnets are the strongest artificial magnets of the all. These magnets behave exactly like the rare earth metals. Scientists are still in the race to make more efficient magnets through the process of nanotechnology.


These magnets are used for generating power with less energy input. Since these magnets are strong magnets, most of the industries store them after demagnetization. Demagnetization is a process where the magnetic pull is considerably reduced without disrupting the magnetic springs. It can be again re-magnetized and put to use.