Landscaping Ideas For A Backyard Makeover

Landscaping for the backyard of the house may sound like a project that need n’t be planned extensively. However, all landscaping projects require detailed attention and planning way before the actual implementation. If you are already overwhelmed at the thought of a big project under way, there are several great design ideas that you can learn from.

Experimenting with Interlocked Pavers – While there are several ideas available for backyard landscaping designs, installing interlock pavers is the first one that comes to mind. You can transform your garden path to a series of small patios by using flagstone islands separated by ribbons of dense turf. The paved elements here would serve two purposes: They serve as a handsome and sturdy walkway for the garden and are big enough to manage outdoor seating if you host a big party.

Allowing the Water to Flow – In case your backyard is facing a drainage problem that is causing soil erosion and other damage, you should capitalize on it and turn that area into one with a beautiful water feature. Certain home owners have to struggle with damp spot right outside their homes in the yards for years till they excavate the area and turn it into a focal point of landscaping. What a USP! Now they hear the sound of falling water they relaxes them instead of worrying about the water washing away their backyard elements.

Landscaping around Elements you Dislike – Have you ever wondered what you could do with that eyesore in your backyard? Anything you see and have can be removed or transformed into something beautiful when you are equipped with the right ideas. For instance, an oversized old door of the shed that is falling off the hinges should be torn down and the opening can be covered with a series of interesting vintage shutters. You can also repaint elements that already exist.

Adding Neat Individual Props – You can think of introducing pretty weatherproof elements like life-size figures or a table that serves as a plant stand as well as a buffet table for drinks and food when your friends stop by for a fun backyard party.

Softening the Deck with Flora – You can enhance the view from under your deck by putting planting beds to hide those leggy supports. A flower border which is 6-8 feet wide can be planted next to the stairway and base of your deck. This will not only camouflage the area’s unsightly negatives, but will also bring on some vibrant colors through summer. You can opt for tall perennials like Sedum, ornamental grass and Rudbeckia Hirta (Blackeyed Susan).

Setting the Stage – When your house has a dull one-level backyard that looks boring and monotonous, you ought to consider a dramatic makeover! The best solution is to give the space to a landscaping contractor. Professionals can breathe in a new life into your old backyard and offer fresh design ideas like creating a two-level stage for the exterior. You may also plant a vibrant curtain of the tropical plants that provide an illusion of additional height to your landscape.