Learn About The Ceramic Composite Technology And Bi-Luminite Colours In Swimming Pools

Learn About The Ceramic Composite Technology And Bi-Luminite Colours In Swimming Pools

A swimming pool at your home is an investment that’s usually made once in your lifetime. The earlier available types of swimming pools like Fiberglass or Polyester based swimming left a lot to be desired with guarantees spanning a meagre 10 years. The emergence of Carbon Fiber based Ceramic Composite with innovative pool colour technology  filled the gap and fulfilled the expectation of buyers looking for a long lasting, strong and beautiful swimming pool.

What is Carbon Fiber Ceramic Composite Technology?

The carbon fiber infused ceramic composite technology has following aspects

  • The closed beam technology uses pure composite materials without any steel to create six glass-fibers reinforced and laminated layers of the swimming pool shell. It prevents rust based damage and provides rigidity and structural strength around the perimeter and potential points of stress.
  • The ceramic core – the presence of a ceramic-core in the composite layers prevents osmosis and provides insulation.
  • A layer infused by Carbon fiber – The technology that was previously used in aircrafts, formula-1 race cars and racing yacht is used in swimming pools to reinforce potential stress points.
  • A Bi-Luminite layered pool surface

What is Bi-Luminite Color System?

The innovative pool color technology, Bi-Luminite color system consists of two layers that create a 3d effect on filling the pool with water and it comes in a collection of various color effects to choose from. The system contains the following layers

  • Vinyl ester resin color layer – This underlying layer is made from Vinyl ester resin to provide additional waterproofing and enchanting 3d color
  • The Gelcoat surface layer – This outer layer preserve and protects the vinyl ester resin color layer from sunlight and chemical exposure so that the 3d color effects is maintained throughout the pool lifetime. It provides durability to the surface of the pool.

The benefits of Bi-Luminite Color System

  • It provides a unique, lustrous and beautiful three-dimensional finish
  • It’s resistant to fading from continuous exposure to sunlight and pool chemicals
  • It provides a lifetime of consistent appearance
  • It provides additional durability and waterproofing

The benefits of Carbon Fiber Ceramic Composite Technology

  • It prevents osmosis that’s a prevalent problem of fiberglass pools. Osmosis is leakage of outside groundwater through the pool wall that leads to surface discoloration and infestation of algae thereby reducing the life of swimming pool
  • It provides significant thickness and strength to the structure of the swimming pool
  • It provides an enhanced heat insulation
  • It prevents staining and fading due to exposure to pool chemicals and sunlight through its Bi-Luminite layer
  • The pool water can be heated up to 40°C without any potential damage to pool shell
  • The pool comes with a 20 year warranty as compared to 10 years warranty on fiberglass pools

A Carbon fiber infused Ceramic Composite swimming pool with Bi- Luminite layer gives you a pool with long lifespan. Once the pool is installed you can enjoy the luminous and unique 3D color effects, when it gets filled.