Stretch Marks Removal

Look Before You Leap Into Any Stretch Mark Removal Treatment

Stretch marks are basic skin condition that appears as stripes with a weird texture and abnormal colour. It is a natural response to the expansion of body mass due to pregnancy or obesity. It appears during teen years when body is developing and growth hormones are taking its toll on the body. Nearly, 90 percent of the pregnant women are likely to develop stretch marks during pregnancy. You are at high risk to develop these marks if your immediate family suffers from the same skin condition.

Many men and women are embarrassed due to this skin alignment. Apart from cosmetic products, there are some treatments available in many clinics in London that target in removing stretch marks.

Causes of Stretch Marks

It develops when the second layer of the skin or dermis is stretcher for a longer period. It leads to inflammation and consecutive breakdown of the collagen fibers. Purple or red coloured marks appear over the skin due to the inflammation of the skin that causes dilating the blood vessels in that area. After the destructive action subsides, the marks appear white.

How Stretch Marks Completely Disappear

Stretch marks can be treated completely if cured within few weeks after their formation. However, patients come seeking for treatments after months and sometimes year after the inflammatory process has subsided leaving white stretch marks. This condition is irreversible and any amount of treatments or products cannot make them go away. The treatments and products that claim to remove every inch of these marks from your skin should be double checked before using them. However, it can minimize the appearance of these marks targeting their texture and colour.

Laser Stretch Mark Removal

The usage of laser for removing stretch mark is a relatively new option. There are mixed reactions and reviews received about the efficiency of this treatment. Newly formed marks are completely diminished with this treatment. However, severe marks do not fade away completely. The response to this procedure varies from person to person. This difference in opinion is due to the size, severity and age of stretch marks formed on the skin. A dermatologist will be the only person who can tell you if this treatment will do wonder for your condition.

The laser used for this procedure is not an ordinary mill laser. It does not burn or cut like the lasers used previously. It disintegrates the marks and scars using a beam of UV light. Completely removing marks from the skin might take 6 to 12 seatings. The price associated with this treatment might vary according to the area to be treated and different clinics.   

Visible scars and marks make anyone conscious of the way they dress, be it men or women. Many products and treatments are available that claims to remove these marks. There are various clinics in London that specializes in stretch marks removal procedure. Thus, you may contact one such clinic and solve the problem of stretch marks.

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