Making Sure Your Doors and Windows Are Securely Locked

You may find it surprising to know that about forty percent of home burglary occurs due to insecurely locked doors and windows. In other words, these burglars have no need to force their way into the home.

We are all guilty of leaving possible entry points to our home unsecured. Think of the last time you locked all your doors and windows before going to sleep or heading to work.

Home burglary has become very rampart in recent times and be it a minor incident or a major one, there is often a price to pay. When your home is burgled in your absence, you can lose valuable properties. Worse still, if you are at home or you walk into a burglar in your home, you are at risk of being attacked and may end up being seriously brutalized.

In order to improve the security of your home and protect yourself from burglars, you should take extra measures to secure all doors and windows in your home with Home Tech. There are several factors to bear in mind when selecting a lock for your doors and windows.

Sliding windows: an easy access for burglars

The older patterns of these kinds of windows are way too easy to take out from its frame. Anybody can do this so you can imagine how quick and easy it would be for a professional burglar to achieve this without even making a sound. The most recent models are not any better since burglars are also perfecting their break-in skills.

How do you prevent a burglary?

Avoid fixing sliding doors especially for the access points into the house. However, if you decide to fix sliding doors in your balcony, you should ensure you also install grills at the outer part of the balcony for extra protection. This not only secures the doors from burglars but also protects kids especially when the balcony is above the ground. Sliding doors should always be installed alongside with grills for security.

Always ensure your doors are secured before stepping out

Make sure you use every possible security locks provided on your doors before leaving the house, be it a latch or a deadbolt. It may seem like a time consuming task but your safety is paramount

Always lock your doors at nights

Your locality may seem crime free and pose no threat of a burglary at the moment and this may make you feel relaxed or reluctant about taking security measures. However, nobody knows what may happen next you don’t want to be the first in your neighbourhood to experience a burglary.

Locking your doors and large windows at nights is an important security measure. It is alright to leave smaller windows open to allow ventilation. In case of pets, it is necessary to fix small cat flaps in your door and train your pets to use these flaps if they have to go out at night. This prevents you from keeping your door open for the pets at night.