Making The Yummy Naan Bread Recipe By Using The Bread Maker

A freshly baked bread is not only mouth watering, but also nutritious to health and you can easily prepare this item in your home. With the use of the bread maker, one has the numerous chances to prepare whatever recipes using the bread. When the bread makers first came out certain years back, people felt that all you could use them for was plain white bread. But, now there are many delicious recipes are available for all kinds of bread. The ingredients you use in the bread maker are little difference in making the bread recipe in the bread maker while comparing with the traditional method. However, the results are highly desirable for all the people. Moreover, the recipes are very simple to make, very adorable to eat and most of all very healthy for your body, because of having the nutritional substance and it gives more and more energy to the body. In this article, you can see about how to make the bread maker recipes imply in your home.

Ingredients Needed for Preparing the Recipe

Yummy naan bread is a kind of the traditional Indian recipe and it is very easy to prepare in the bread machine. The preparation takes only a few minutes and the results will make everyone happy. Now, let us see about the ingredients required for this delicious recipe. Initially, you need ½ cup of milk, 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil, ¼ cup of yogurt, 2 eggs,1 tablespoon of salt, 4 cups of bread flour, 4 ½ cups of bread maker yeast. These things are highly needed for preparing this wonderful recipe. Moreover, you can add some spices to enhance the taste and additionally, you can use the wheat flour in combination with the bread flour, because it can give numerous health benefits to your body. In that manner, you can use the spices like pepper sauce, dried onion, dried basil leaves, cheddar cheese and many others. This can definitely help you to make the tastiest recipe, which will be liked by all people in your home. Now, let’s see about the preparation of the wonderful bread maker recipes.

The Preparation of the Yummy Naan

Before you start the making of the yummy Indian naan bread, you have to check whether all the needed ingredients are available in your home. If any of them missed, then you have to purchase them in the grocery shop. They can be easily available in the shops. Initially, you should set the cycle as dough and set the loaf size to 2 lbs. Then, you have to add the ingredients to the bread pan according to the following instruction. After taking the ingredients in the pan and leave it for 5 minutes, you have to check the dough and if it is too dry, then you can add 1 tablespoon of water to the mix. Otherwise, if you think that is too wet, then you can add some amount of the bread flour to the mix. Then, preheat the oven to 450F and put the baking sheet to heat for 10 minutes. Once the dough cycle is done, change the dough to the floured surface and divide it to the number of slices as you desired. Then, cover the roll dough into thickness about of ¼ inch. After that, you can take the rolls in the baking oven and bake it for about 4 minutes. Then, you can take the rolls and wrap in a towel to keep warm while cooking the remaining naan. Thus the yummy naan bread is prepared in the Indian traditional and you can serve them to get the wonderful taste of the yummy naan.