Making Your Home More Attractive To Buyers

Have you had your house on the market for longer than you’d hoped? Don’t panic as with a few subtle adjustments, you will have viewers rushing to put in an offer. It could be that just a few small issues are preventing people from seeing the property as their own, so try these tips:

Kitchen is Everything

Imagine you are not selling the whole house but just the kitchen. That’s how important this room is to potential buyers so focus your efforts there. If your kitchen isn’t up to contemporary standards, then you could be knocking £10,000 of your asking price. All of sudden, that remodel for a couple of thousand doesn’t seem so frivolous. At the very least you could be painting and updating cabinets.

Keep Cleaning

It’s really important to rid your home of any smells such as cooking odors, smoke, and any associated pet smells. Air the property by opening windows, cleaning curtains and remember to replace any broken lightbulbs so the place looks bright and airy.


Anything minor that is broken looks bad so make sure all the little niggles like creaky doors, broken seals, dripping taps and old wallpaper are sorted before viewings begin. They might seem insignificant to you but can give the impression that the property is not well-maintained and may be hiding bigger problems.


Just because you think your dog or cat is the most adorable creature, potential buyers might not be so animal-loving. Buyers don’t want to see pet food bowls or smell cat litter trays. Worse still is the prospect of them getting pet dander on their clothing. Whether you agree or not, it gives the impression of uncleanliness. You might want to consider pet boarding for the duration of viewings.


Don’t forget to tidy up the outside of your property. Make sure the grass is cut, leaves are raked up and there is no unnecessary clutter blocking the path to the front door. Some potted flowers make a good impression. If your garage door is looking a bit tired, think about replacing it with a new one for extra curb appeal. For Automatic Garage Doors in Letchworth, visit

Making Your Home More Attractive To Buyers


It might feel strange but one of the best things to do before a viewing is to de-personalize your home as much as possible. You want potential buyers to see a clean slate so that they can imagine their things in the property. The more your personality shows, the harder it is for them to see themselves in your home. If you can, put your things into storage. This should include things like family photos, artwork, and your personal knick-knacks. You can even hire a professional home stager to arrange your interior and maximise the space available to look more favorable to potential buyers.

Always be ready

It’s hard work but you’ll want to ‘show home’ ready at a moment’s notice. Be ready, be available and make sure all is ship shape. Keeping this level of appearance is tough but you can relax when it’s sold. Keep the duster out, keep the bathroom sparkling and don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink!