MCA Is A Highly Rewarding Career Option

Ask anyone about the most happening sector in India and 95 per cent of the time you are most likely to hear the same answer—Information Technology(IT). Well, you should not be surprised as India has emerged as global powerhouse when it comes to IT and ITES. Indian IT engineers and software professionals occupy prominent positions in major IT corporations around the world attesting to India’s power and resourcefulness in this domain. Information Technology is one sector presently in India which invariably guarantees a rapid return on investment, sound career progression and high creative satisfaction. Reports and studies suggest that this sector is going to grow at a faster pace in coming years in the process generating millions of jobs. A master’s degree in this field from top MCA Colleges in Gurgaon or for that matter best in class colleges anywhere in India can put your career in the fast lane to the top. Top grade colleges or institutes possess all the necessary expertise, infrastructure and faculty that help participants enjoy a flourishing career in this dynamic discipline by helping them visualise things and the talent to give shape to their vision.

As a student, if you possess sound reasoning and logical abilities and wish to make a career in IT sector, it is better that you start early. Aspirants interested in making a career can do well by starting at graduation level. BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications) is a three years duration undergraduate course which lays a good foundation for a rewarding career in IT industry. An MCA(Masters of Computer Application) is the natural course to follow for students of BCA as the Master’s program more or less teaches the same subjects though in depth and at a considerably higher level. BCA followed by an MBA or MCA is the common path for people interested in the field of Information Technology (IT).

BCA makes you well acquainted with subjects like data processing, data analytics, statistics, and database management in addition to different important programming languages. More or less the same subjects are taught at higher level and your familiarity with them can help you do well in class and later as a professional. MCA like BCA is also of three years duration with each year divided into six semesters. Fifth and sixth semester are usually reserved for major project works intended to give students exposure to the working of the real world.

Admission in MCA

MCA is a highly sought after professional course and as such the admission process is quiet intense. Admission in India is this prestigious degree program is usually on the basis of a highly competitive entrance exam. You need to work extremely hard and prepare with a lot of sincerity and dedication if you wish to study in top MCA colleges in Delhi NCR or for that matter in institutes of your choice in any other Indian city. In the end you will realise that it was worth the effort as top grade institute offer an in-depth understanding of the application part of computer programming thus propelling your career forward.