New Roof Installations And Warranty

New Roof Installations And Warranty

Most of the new roofs installed come with a warranty, but what it covers can vary significantly from one warranty to another. Reading your roof warranty is not very exciting, but you most likely would like to work your way through it before you hire a contractor. Ti is vital that you have a detailed look at the fine points related to roofing warranties so that you will be better prepared to fully understand what is and is not covered in your new roof installation Ann Arbor Michigan warranty.

Firstly, there are mainly two types of warranties – the implied one and the express warranties. Roofing membranes along with other roofing materials come with an implied warranty; which is generally understood as the roofing materials are anticipated to perform in a particular manner and for a certain purpose. For instance, when rightly installed, the roofing membrane should prevent water from passing through it – these terms do not come in writing. However, an express warranty is a set of written documents, generally issued by the materials manufacturer and/or the roofing contractor that outlines the limits of liability by the issuer.

Who Issues These Warranties?

You perhaps not know about it, but your roofing warranty perhaps has two different issuers – that is the materials manufacturer and your contractor. Your contractor will be providing you an assurance for their workmanship, and providing the materials function as they are anticipated, the contractor will cover just the errors in their work. Alternatively, the materials manufacturer will be providing assurance for issues with their materials when they are installed as per their instructions. Simply put, the roofing contractor will issue a warranty for their quality of work and not the materials. Likewise, the materials manufacture will cover their materials online if they have been installed rightly.

Materials and Labour

Materials-only warranty is just as the name implies – the manufacturers will provide just the replacement materials, and does not cover the labor that is associated with the installation. Certainly, it is imperative for you to know whether your warranty really covers the materials and labor, as the cost of labor can be considerable here.

What Are Your Responsibilities

One vital key component of having roofing warranty is the facility of the homeowner’s or manager’s responsibilities. As a matter of fact, most of the warranties indicate accurate maintenance as required; so if you have rightly maintained your roof, your warranty is invalidated. This is one of the most commonly overlooked components when it comes to roofing warranties, and specially important if you intend to insure that materials replacement of repairs will be covered.