NHS Dentists Providing Acceptable Solutions To Tooth Loss Problems

A missing tooth apparently creates a gap in your jawbone. In course of time, the existing teeth surrounding the gap try to drift into it. This hampers the natural alignment of the teeth and the gums. As a result of this misalignment, the entire facial appearance of an individual may get seriously distorted. Moreover, the gap in the jawline may also contribute to developing a low self-esteem in any individual. Considering all these factors, it is better and more sensible for you to provide acceptable solutions to tooth loss problem as soon as possible.

There are a number of dependable dental practices both NHS and private, in London, that provide tooth-loss solutions. If one visits an NHS dentist in Lewisham, he will probably suggest a solution depending on how many teeth you need to replace. Modern dentistry offers excellent solutions to tooth loss problems in form of dental implants.

Implant Benefits

Success rate of implant treatment for tooth loss is unbelievably impressive. The treatment procedure provides durable solution that looks and functions exactly identical to one’s natural teeth. Thus, by availing this treatment, one can easily fill up the missing gap along the jawline in one hand and on the other, can speak and chew foods properly.

The Treatment Approach

Human tooth can be broadly divided into two parts, the crown and the root. The crown is the part that we see inside our mouth along the jawline. The root of a tooth remains inside the gums. Thus, experts who attend to patients at reputed Lewisham dental practice, initially replace the root part of a missing tooth. At the final round, they place a dental crown on the implant, which resembles the natural tooth.

Prerequisites for the Treatment

However, in order to undergo implant solutions for missing tooth, one should have enough bones inside the jaws. Otherwise, it will not be possible to hold the implant at its place. Moreover, one should have a sound oral health to avail this treatment procedure. Dental surgeons will decide who are suitable for it and who are not after examining patients thoroughly.

Safety Quotient

Experts at Lewisham dental practice assure that implant treatments are not only safe but also free from any side-effects. These are commercially manufactured from titanium, which is one of the best examples of biocompatible substances. Thus, the implant, which is surgically drilled into a patient’s jaw, gradually, disintegrates into the jawbone and becomes a part of the living body.

The treatment is carried out after administering patients with local anesthesia. Dental practices that provide the treatment usually quote competent price to get more patients. The crown atop the dental implant can be easily replaced. So, in case the crown gets damaged or broken, there is no need to go through the invasive treatment procedure for a second time.

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