Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery - One Stop Oral Solution

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery – One Stop Oral Solution

A smile is the most beautiful and most important asset possessed by human beings. A smile has the power to end any fight, argument and start new relations. The basic element responsible for a beautiful smile is a great white set of teeth. It is because of a good set of teeth that the smile carried by any person is beautiful. Apart from the smile, there are various other aspects associated with the teeth. The predominant use of teeth happens to be in chewing and eating food. The first step to nutrition starts from eating, which is directly dependent upon chewing that requires a strong set of teeth. Therefore, it is extremely essential to have a strong set of teeth along with a health oral cavity.

Importance of Oral Health

Mouth and the oral part of our body serves as the first stop for the food to enter and therefore it is essential to keep it healthy. There are a plentiful dental and oral problems faced by people on a large scale, some of which result from infections while others are direct consequences of improper oral hygiene. Numerous individuals face different oral issues like tooth decay, cavities, gum issues etc. Some major cause of improper oral hygiene can be oral or mouth cancer as well. According to a recent study, oral cancer causes approximately 9750 deaths in just a matter of 24 hours. The need of the hour is to first try to prevent any such issue and secondly to treat the unprevented problem with a proper diagnosis. Oral & maxillofacial surgery is an advantageous measure which helps in treating such issues related to oral health.

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

The oral & maxillofacial surgery, often abbreviated as OMS or OFMS is the surgical technique associated with the treatment of all injuries and defects of the oral area. The best feature of this surgery is that it does not treat just the oral issues, but various other injuries of the jaw, face, neck, and all types of hard and soft tissues present in the oral region. Considering the cases of oral cancer, mouth cancer and other injuries prevailing in the world today, oral & maxillofacial surgery is one of the most important specialities of dentistry. It is prevalent in countries like USA, India, Australia, Canada, Brazil etc. There are a number of aspects associated with this technique and there are a lot of things that the surgeons do and all of that is described in the following section.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery - One Stop Oral Solution

What do Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons do?

Dentistry is a vast field and therefore has innumerable different factors associated with it. There is a defined set of practices adopted by the surgeons. Mentioned below is everything that oral and maxillofacial surgeons do: –

  • It all starts with administration of anesthesia to the patient and following this the surgery takes place.
  • The next step is the dentoalveolar surgery which functions by extraction of the affected teeth.
  • Next step involves dental implantation which includes the implantation of a new restored teeth.
  • The next step is the orthognathic surgery which mainly includes the performance of corrective jaw surgery.
  • Oncologic surgery includes removal of complex tumors and reconstructive surgery includes treatment of the faces met with injuries.
  • TMJ surgery provides relief in jaw pain. Oral and maxillofacial surgery also includes cosmetic surgeries of neck, jaw and the face area.

It is very essential to maintain proper oral hygiene for a healthy living, but many times humans commit mistakes that lead to serious issues. Oral and maxillofacial surgery comes into the picture when humans fail to prevent oral and mouth issues. It is one stop solution to all the problems faced by humans in the oral and the facial area.