Outdoor Educational Activities For Spring Break

Outdoor Educational Activities For Spring Break

Spring break is a great time for children to reconnect with nature. After a long winter, kids are eager to spend time outdoors. Use this opportunity to engage students in fun and meaningful learning experiences. Children will be excited and fascinated while learning valuable lessons. These activities are also a fantastic way to spend quality time with your child.

Day 1 – Fly a Kite

Outdoor Educational Activities For Spring Break

Successfully flying a kite can be quite a science lesson. My Best Kite is an awesome internet resource to help children understand kites and the science of keeping them in the air. The site includes kite history, directions on how to make several different types of kites, and tips for determining wind direction and speed.

Day 2 – Stargazing

Kids will love this activity mainly because it means staying up past bedtime. Visit Kid’s Astronomy.com to print a free Sky Map – it shows the stars and constellations based on month and time. Kids can also discover the current phase of the moon. Bundle up and head outside once it is completely dark. It’ll be a fun challenge to find every constellation in the sky.

Day 3 – Nature Scavenger Hunt

Outdoor Educational Activities For Spring Break

Create a checklist of items to find on a nature walk. Examples could include leaf, pine needle, animal tracks, swimming pool, swings, railroad tracks, insects, feather, mammal, seeds, nuts, frogs, clover, nest, something that floats, something green, something sticky, something scented, something edible, etc. You can tailor the checklist to fit your environment. This is a great way for children to analyze their surroundings and acquire a critical eye.

Day 4 – Plant Flowers

Spring is the season for sowing seeds. Help your children develop an understanding of a flower’s growth by charting a plant’s development. You can print a plant chart from Enchanted Learning. Seeds can be planted in plastic cups with a little topsoil. Choose a fast growing plant (marigolds, morning glories, beans) so your child will see results quickly. If the plants grow well, they can be replanted outside. This is an activity that will extend past spring break.

Day 5 – Visit a Zoo or Aquarium

Outdoor Educational Activities For Spring Break

A zoo is a great place for children to visit. It’s an opportunity to experience animals in pseudo-natural environments. Check the zoo’s website for information on special shows and education sessions – these are usually free and offered several times throughout the day. Follow up the zoo trip by asking your child to create a picture of his/her favorite animal at the zoo. If you are unsure where the closest zoo or aquarium is to your home, visit Do A Zoo to find a complete listing of the zoos and aquariums throughout America.

These activities are bound to rekindle the learning spirit in your children, encourage them to explore and expand their knowledge. And who knows, maybe these experiences will be a great inspiration when writing school essays or research papers in the future.