Pepper Spray For Reliable Non Lethal Self Defense

With crime on an all time high, most people seem to be investing in personal protection. Ranking high on the list of foremost protection devices is pepper spray; this is especially true in case of women wanting safety and security while they are commuting to work or pleasure, or are home alone. One of the primary considerations in this regard is that the pepper spray has to be used with precaution and care, and only during the times of emergency, as they may end up blinding a person with their hotness. In other words, the accurate and emergent use of this product renders it worthwhile and it is very important to find the right one for commercial and individual usage.

Say, if you are a working woman who has to take a late night tube on your way back, then it is advisable that you carry a can of pepper spray or other self defense products in your bag to get your way through securely. As there are many types of such products available on the racks of specialty stores online and offline, you may want to check out the ones that suit your immediate and all future needs to perfection. For instance, by having a clip-on pepper spray on yourself, you can be assured of getting a compact tool that can come in handy during the times of need.

TBOTECH offers a full range of such products for use by individuals like you. You may also scour further to find a reliable pen-like pepper spray that appears like a regular fountain pen but can prove to be an extremely lethal object if used the right way. Just below the cap of such a spray you will find a nozzle that’s capable of shooting a half-a-second spray well within the range of 6 to 8 feet. Though such sprays have up to ten shots only they can be the most wanted device for your protection.

It definitely goes without a mention that you have to be the person using the spray. Under no circumstances should it be sprayed unto you as it can cause irreparable damage to your eyes and skin. So, go right ahead and take a look at all non-lethal self defense items that are on the racks of before going ahead with your purchase. A careful consideration of their features will help you get the right one home.